Best Warlock Exotic Armor in Destiny 2

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It is time to learn the best Warlock Exotic Armor in Season of the Wish and equip everything you need for your builds.

Key Takeaways:

  • In this list, you can find exotics for any subclass to use in both PvP and PvE.
  • The must-have pick for PvE is Sunbracers because of unlimited grenades!
  • The perfect PvP choice is Ophidian Aspect because of great weapon buffs!

The last season of Lightfall year brings us closer to the end of the saga of Light and Darkness. With this, Bungie changed the meta again, making us think about which exotic armor to equip and farm. We already know the best Hunter exotic armor to use, as well as the best Titan exotic armor to equip. Now it’s time to dive into our Warlock exotic armor tier list, where you’ll find all the answers for this class to upgrade, for exampe, your healing rift. Sit back comfortably because our story will be long!

Attention! We only detail exotics that fall into this tier list’s Meta and Good sections. That’s done to explain their advantages and not waste your time on explanations.

Best Warlock Exotic Armor for PvE

Let’s start with PvE activities, as Warlock Exotics in Destiny really shine there. Here’s a selection for every subclass, where you can instantly gain ability energy and make unlimited solar grenade energy!


No one opposes calling Sunbraces the best exotic armor for Solar Warlock in Destiny 2. This Exotic was good even before the release of Solar 3.0. After that, it became one of the strongest Exotics in the game, helping to destroy even Nezarec solo. Its use and effect are quite simple: Solar melee kills instantly restore Solar Grenade energy for 5 seconds making them unlimited. That’s enough time for the entire arena to be covered in your grenades. If you play with this Exotic, don’t forget to use an Aspect like Touch of Flame, which strengthens your Solar Grenade.

Moreover, we recommend getting familiar with the best Solar Warlock build to utilize it powerfully. And despite Bungie making exotic engram drops more frequently, getting this best Warlock Exotic Armor in Destiny 2 with the perfect stats is a massive stroke of luck.

Contraverse Hold

In our opinion, Void Warlock is one of the strongest Subclasses in the entire game. Pairing it with the right Exotic can enhance its power. Contraverse Hold might be your best choice. Its primary disadvantage is that you must use the Chaos Accelerant aspect. Despite this drawback, its Exotic Perk easily compensates for it. You gain resistance while charging a Void grenade, and charged grenades return energy on hit. Although these gauntlets work with multiple grenades, we recommend using Vortex as it is the most powerful.

Nezarec’s Sin

If you want to use all your abilities, Nezarec’s Sin is a better fit.

Nezarec’s Sin is the best exotic armor for Void Warlock, especially for those just starting to play on it. It helps your currently equipped weapon with void and ability Final Blows grant you a buff, which increases your abilities’ energy recharge rate. From one defeated enemy, you gain 2.5 seconds, stacking up to 20 seconds. If you prefer to spam abilities over weapons, take this helmet without hesitation.

Cenotaph Mask

Are you looking for the Best Destiny 2 Exotic Warlock Armor that directly interacts with Trace Rifles and constantly spawns Heavy Ammo for your teammates? In that case, there’s nothing better than the Cenotaph Mask. This Exotic works simply: you mark a Miniboss, Champion, Boss, or Vehicle with your Trace Rifle, and allies just need to defeat it. If done correctly, your allies get Heavy ammo, and you get Special ones as a bonus.

Phoenix Protocol

Well of Radiance is an extremely powerful Super for any PvE activity, but it has a limited duration. To be able to set up a new Well immediately, simply wear the Phoenix Protocol, one of the best Exotic Armors for Warlock! You only need to make kills inside the Well of Radiance, and you’ll receive Super Energy, up to 50%. Phoenix Protocol is ideal for Grandmaster, so we recommend trying it there!

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Lunafaction Boots

After the nerf of the Starfire Protocol, the community doesn’t know what to replace them with. These Legs can help! While inside a Rift or Well of Radiance, you gain significantly improved Reload Speed on all guns. This Perk greatly increases DPS, which is extremely important during boss fights in Raids and Dungeons.

Fallen Sunstar

If you want to get best exotic armor for Arc Warlock, then Fallen Sunstar is your must-have choice! Its main feature is fast Ionic Traces; for each, you get 25% energy for Melee and Grenades and 30% for Rift Energy. A nice bonus is that your teammates also get 10% energy when you pick up Ionic Traces. In short, this is an exotic that excels in ability spamming.

Osmiomancy Gloves

By far, it’s the best Stasis Warlock exotic armor. With its help, players can keep a crowd of nearby enemies in perpetual freeze. All thanks to Coldsnap Grenades, which have an additional charge that recharges quicker on direct impact. Just remember one important thing: when you use the aspect of Bleak Watcher, the gameplay in this class changes completely. You’ll be able to summon two Stasis turrets, and with the right build, you can do this much more often.

Verity’s Blow

If you want to become a real Demoman, then Verity’s Blow is made for you. Weapons Final Blow with a damage type matching your subclass energy grants a stack of Death Throes for 11 seconds. This buff can stack up to 5 pieces and gives a 50% Grenade Recharge Rate and 20% Grenade Damage per stack. In addition, you can boost your allies after throwing a grenade, thanks to which they receive Feel The Flames, which accelerates the grenade charging ten times. So, Verity’s Blow is easily one of the best Warlock Exotics!

Necrotic Grip

Do you want to just have some fun instead of doing boring buildcrafting? The Necrotic Grip is exactly what you need! This Exotic makes you a walking plague-bearer, as your melee hits apply Poison. And that’s not all, as Necrotic Grip synergizes with Thorn, Touch of Malice, and even Osteo Striga (fits perfectly into one of the Strand Warlock Build). These gauntlets work incredibly well with the last weapon, as Poison triggers its Catalyst. So, if you were looking to equip the best Exotic Armor for Strand Warlock — pick Necrotic Grip, and you won’t be disappointed!

Best Warlock Exotic Armor for PvP

Continuing our Warlock Exotic Armor guide with the PvP section. Here, you will find what to dress your Warlock in for Crucible and even Trials of Osiris to make your Weapon Final Blows more effective. Just don’t forget to equip best PvP weapons in Destiny 2 and you are good to go!

Destiny 2 Warlock Exotic Armor PvP

Ophidian Aspect

These gloves were made for PvP and are perfect to pair with any SMG or Shotgun. Faster reloading with a +35 bonus and improved handling with another +35 bonus. Isn’t that great? Plus, you get a nice extra of +10 Airborne Effectiveness stat, making them the perfect Destiny 2 Warlock exotic armor for PvP! Previously, you had better melee range, but Bungie fixed that.

Osmiomancy Gloves

Many recall with horror what Stasis was like in PvP at the release of Beyond Light. So let’s remind them again with Osmiomancy Gloves! We’ve written about them already, but the other part of their Exotic Perk is more important in Crucible. The seeker spawned from Coldsnap Grenades travels further. This makes it much easier to freeze and split your enemies, but no one canceled two Stasis turrets. It deserves to remain in the Warlock exotic armor ranking!

Transversive Steps

Fast legs will always help you avoid death. But what if those quick legs also increase Slide Distance by 33% and also give your weapons auto-reload in 1.5 seconds? Not bad, right? Transversive Steps will make you an elusive Warlock, but if you’re into buildcrafting with shotguns, be sure to get them.

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Rain of Fire

Those boots will come in handy if you like Solar Subclass with Fusion Rifles and Linear Fusion Rifles. Their unique Perk helps reload your weapons while air dodging and improves Airborne Effectiveness on the previously named weapon types. On top of that, you get Radiant for every enemy you defeat. In case you didn’t know, this buff increases your weapon damage by 10%, which will help you deal with opponents faster. Rain of Fire is a must-have for fans of Vex Mythoclast and unconditionally has one of the best Warlock Exotic Armor Perks in Destiny 2.

Karnstein Armlets

Do you love Omelets? What about Armlets? Very funny, we know, but those gloves will turn your enemies into real Omelets. Karnstein Armlets are one of the best exotic armor pieces and because of one thing. Your Melee Final Blows instantly give you Tier 3 Cure (90 HP) and Restoration x1 (17.5 HP/s) over 8 seconds. With this exotic, you’ll have a much better chance of surviving in melee duels. This gear is especially beneficial for players who prefer a more aggressive and reckless playstyle, charging headfirst into combat. However, they are only useful in such situations.

Final Words

And that brings us to the end of our best Warlock Exotic Armor Destiny 2 list, and we hope you liked it! If you want to challenge our opinion, we await your comments, as we would be interested in discussing it with you. Remember, you can use our Lost Sector services to get any desired item from our list. Just choose the needed armor piece and get it right away!

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