Top Hardest Bosses in Destiny 2 History

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At any stage of the journey, each of us could face Destiny 2’s hardest boss of all time, and they seemed completely invincible. Perhaps, on the contrary, it seemed to you that no opponents in the game could make you test your skills for real. For these and not only reasons, our human nature never gets the rest, which made it even more interesting if more difficult enemies could be met in this game. Therefore, our team from WoWVendor decided to make a list of all the most challenging bosses in the game. Here you can expect the presence of not only opponents from raids but also enemies from everyone’s favorite strikes. Forgive us, fans of dungeons, but we could not find worthy opponents for epic battles there!

Well, we warned you, which means you can now make tea, take all sorts of goodies, and take on our intriguing text about powerful final bosses in Destiny 2!

Hardest bosses in Strikes

In order to make our top look fair, we decided to split it into a part about strikes and raids. Let’s start with the most challenging opponents in strikes. It’s worth mentioning that we based it on Grandmasters, so some people might have differing views on it.

3. Sedia, The Corrupted

Source: Destinypedia

And so we get to Sedia, The Corrupted. Although not the most difficult, she can safely be considered the most disliked boss from Nightfalls in Destiny 2. The main reason for hating her is her shield-breaking mechanic, which requires you to throw an orb first at a teammate and only then at Sedia itself to break her shield with one shot. Of course, you can do all this without teammates, but the battle can take a long time. Fuel is added to the fire by the arena with the boss, which consists of three small platforms between which stones fly. The boss will always push you away if you dare to approach her, making this battle even more difficult. And with all this, Sedia takes only third place at our top! How can there be bosses that are even harder?

2. Belmon, Transcendent Mind

Source: Destinypedia

The second most challenging boss on our list is Belmon, Transcendent Mind from The Glassway. This boss is a massive Vex Hydra with three large and orange-colored Shields. Although it already sounds unpleasant, there is one more piece of news for you! It also spawns the Transcendent Hydra, which, although smaller in size, will hinder you in the battle with Belmon. The boss fight itself is pretty tricky, but the structure of the arena, as well as Champions and Wyverns, further hinder it. Many players will agree with our choice for second place because even such an annoying boss cannot be compared with first place.

1. Alak-Hul, The Lightblade

Let’s finish the first top with one of the most challenging Destiny 2 bosses in Nightfalls, especially in Grandmasters. Of course, this is our old friend Alak-Hul from Destiny 1, who is back in The Lightblade’s all-new strike in The Witch Queen. The strike itself is already harder than the others due to Lucent Hive having Light and Ghosts that resurrect them. It is also worth noting the unique mechanics, which may seem more complicated than the boss for some.

Source: Bungie

And now you have passed through all the obstacles and finally descended into the arena, where the great and terrible Alak-Hul awaits you. You first notice that he always comes to you and wants to kill you with his axe. But do not expect that you will be safe away from him. Champions, Cursed Thralls, and The Lightblade’s arc projectiles will keep you busy. The situation could be saved by Orbs of Power, which periodically appear in the center of the arena. Although this boss can be easily killed if you use your wits, all the points above make it one of the hardest Destiny 2 bosses by difficulty.

Hardest bosses in Raids

We have dealt with all the bosses in Strikes, but some opponents cannot be defeated alone, and that’s why right now, we are going to talk about raid bosses. So, let’s move on to the most important part of the article — the top hardest raid bosses.

3. Sanctified Mind, Sol Inherent

The Garden of Salvation itself is the most challenging Raid in Destiny 2 for New Light. On top of the previous point, the Raid is casually confusing for newbies, albeit incredibly beautiful. There is also a boss here who ruffled many guardians’ nerves — The Sanctified Mind. Your fireteam will have to be divided into two teams and sub-teams since there will be many actions during the battles. In addition to sending a vast amount of Vex and some special ones with shields, he shoots at players and periodically breaks platforms in the arena. Unlucky players often fall for this trick of his, so you must find time to bombard enemies and repair platforms while rescuing failed comrades.

Source: Bungie

Adding to all this confusion is the start of his damage phase. You must collect 30 light motes for two towers in the arena to activate it. After defeating the last wave of opponents, the boss will start the matrix for your team wipe. To destroy it, you will need to conduct a beam of the specific color to this matrix to interrupt the activation of the matrix and, at the same time, open the boss’s weak spot. All these actions will require maximum coherence from the fireteam since any miscalculations can lead to the death of all members of the squad. The Sanctified Mind is by far the most confusing and hardest D2 raid boss of all time.

2. Gahlran, the Sorrow-Bearer

Source: Destinypedia

Suppose you caught up on the Crown of Sorrow Raid before it was removed and even managed to complete it. In that case, you will immediately remember how difficult, nasty, and annoying Gahlran was. A crazed cabal and one of the former supporters of Emperor Calus who wore the Crown of Sorrow, but it drove him crazy, and he became a subordinate of Savathûn. Those events caused the lower part of the Leviathan to be filled entirely by the Hive. The crown gave Gahlran powers that the average cabal could not even dream of. He can create giant clones that are indistinguishable from each other, killer crystals, indestructible mini-versions of himself, and many other tricks to show. All the above makes him one of those raid bosses in Destiny 2 that players have been stuck on for hours and remembered for years. In essence, the Guardians in this Raid are testing how well they can work together since the mission’s success depends on each player here.

1. Riven

If the players are talking about the most difficult boss, then any fan at the same moment remembers the first — Riven, The Last Known Ahamkara. An incredibly colossal creature is so giant that in the Raid, we have to fight almost all the time, only with its head. Too many obstacles on the way to defeating the wyvern create an unrealistic difficulty for newcomers to this Raid. Riven deservedly is Destiny 2 the hardest final boss.

Source: Destinypedia

This creature, like a dragon, can spew many fiery projectiles but simultaneously use its tentacles to crush all the guardians in the arena at once. You must be careful because any wrong shot can lead to a general wipe. During the battle, you must memorize the pattern of the Ahamkara’s eyes lighting up and shoot them at the right time to cancel the creature’s attack. Many players often find themselves shooting too early or hitting the wrong eye. Of course, many people go through Riven far beyond the mechanics (very often, players beat its paw with swords to death, which looks funny from the side), which is why this Ahamkara can be called, on the contrary, one of the easiest bosses. Still, if you consider it the way Bungie intended, this is clearly a well-deserved first place.

Here are the tops we got in this article, and we hope you agree with our opinion. In this article, we see the most difficult bosses in Destiny 2, but in the future, we may meet even more challenging opponents or even see the return of old enemies from the original Destiny. You need to be prepared for any difficulties, so be sure to check out the bosses from our list or use our services with bosses boost because our professional players will deal with them in no time! Remember to check out our other articles and tell your friends about this one if you found it helpful. Maybe we will make an article about Destiny 2 raids easiest to hardest in the future, but it all depends on your feedback.

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