Top 10 Gunsmith Weapons in Destiny 2: Best Foundry Weapons

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Gunsmith weapon focus is almost here, and it is time to seek top 10 Gunsmith weapons in Destiny 2.

Top 10 Gunsmith Weapons in Destiny 2 - Best Foundry Weapons

Key Takeaways:

  • Basically, Gunsmith has one of the best weapons in Destiny 2, which consists of Hand Cannons, SMGs, Auto Rifles, Scout Rifles, Fusion Rifles, Pulse Rifles, and Linear Fusion Rifles.
  • Every weapon the vendor has is useful in PvE, with the exception of the Snorri FR5 as it is designed only for PvP.
  • Each gun in the list is divided into Foundry categories. Each Foundry provides weapons with a unique trait that offers additional bonuses.

Season of the Wish brought us a fantastic amount of guns to farm. For example, we have already talked about how to get Thorn Catalyst in Destiny 2, which revived the long-forgotten PvP Hand Cannon. Moreover, Lost Sector weapons have become quite an interesting discovery for everyone in the community. And finally, Banshee began to focus specific weapon foundries. In this article, we will talk about all the best Foundry weapons in Destiny 2, which you should definitely start focusing. Sit down, Guardian, we’re starting farming!

Best Gunsmith Weapons in Season of the Wish

Since the engram focusing is divided into Foundries, we decided to describe each one separately. Those categories will help you understand which engrams are more profitable to focus on. Of course, we must remember the unique Foundry Origin traits, which we’ll discuss in more detail in the respective sections. So, without further ado, let’s look into Gunsmith weapons in Destiny.


The Suros brand has always been famous for its convenience and stability, and the weapons of this brand have the Suros Synergy trait. It gives 40 Handling and 20% Flinch resistance as long as 6 seconds after you reload.

Cantata-57, Hand Cannon 

Let’s begin our dive into the world of Suros with the excellent Hand Cannon. Of course, we’re talking about Cantata-57, which has not lost its relevance even after almost two years and is one of the best PvP Foundry weapons. If you want to use it in PvE, then the classic combo of Rapid Hit + Timed Payload suits any content.

However, this HC truly shines in the Crucible. As you might have noticed, Cantata-57 has Eye of the Storm, Opening Shot, and Moving Target. All these three perks improve Accuracy, so with the right roll, it will be extremely difficult to miss this Hand Cannon.

Staccato-46, Scout Rifle

Staccato-46 God Roll

Although the Suros Origin Trait is exclusively helpful in PvP, Staccato-46 turned out to be entirely a PvE gun, albeit a good one. This 180 RPM Scout Rifle stands out due to its Triple Tap and Explosive Payload, which in combination return one bullet after three quick crit hits and increase damage due to explosive rounds. Only this makes it one of the best PvE Foundry weapons of all time.

Outlaw and Shoot to Loot are equally good perks in the third column, focusing on reloading. Still, the former is triggered only with a crit Final Blow, and the latter activates after hitting an Ammo Brick, which picks it up and reloads all equipped guns, but it is still quite situational. Incandescent is always a priority in Solar builds because it applies scorch on your opponents.


If Suros weapons are stable, Häkke ones have incredibly powerful bullets that can penetrate anything. Thanks to the Hakke Breach Armaments trait, you’ll deal increased damage against Stasis Crystals (45%), Vehicles (15%), turrets, barricades, Ward of Dawn, and Well of Radiance (all four: 30%).

Lodbrok-C, Auto Rifle

It is the only representative of Hakke on this list, and honestly, Lodbrok-C deserves it. Lodbrok-C is one of the most popular 360 RPM Auto Rifles (AC) due to its excellent perks and superb stability.

In PvE, you’ll particularly enjoy the combination of Demolitionist and Adrenaline Junkie, which directly interact with your grenades by replenishing them or by boosting damage and handling from grenade (or this AC) Final Blows. So, if you get god roll, you’ll get one of the best PvE Gunsmith weapons.

In PvP, this gun has a rich set of good perks, but the main problem is that it is a 360 RPM Auto Rifle, which is inferior to 720 RPM in everything. Nonetheless, you can try experimenting with our recommended perks.


The pain of the enemy powers Veist weapons, and that’s why they have the Veist Stinger trait. You have a chance to activate it when dealing damage, and if successful, you replenish 25% of your magazine and move 5% faster while aiming for 7 seconds. Moreover, with this buff, your bow has a faster draw speed, and swords get a quicker charge rate.

Krait, Auto Rifle

Krait God Roll

Krait has always been a good choice to use in PvE, especially for those who like playing with Stasis and need an excellent ad-clear AR. In PvP, there are better options, but if there are no alternatives, it can be fun for a while. So, you’re in luck that Krait is a part of Foundry weapon focusing.

Regarding perks, Subsistence is one of the best ones to clear crowds of combatants, as each defeated enemy replenishes 17% of your magazine. Another replenishment perk is Overflow, which doubles your magazine if you pick up Special or Heavy ammo bricks. Both play well with Headstone, which creates a Large or Medium Stasis Crystal after defeating an enemy with a crit Final Blow.

If you want an Auto Rifle for Endgame PvE, then the combination of Stats and One for All is also perfect. Both activate upon hitting three different opponents and enhance the gun with 35% increased damage, +10 Stability, +10 Range, +35 Reload Speed, and +35 Handling as long as 10 seconds. With these perks, you get one of the best Gunsmith weapons to focus in Destiny 2.

Funnelweb, SMG

Funnelweb Godroll

Many called Funnelweb a return of the wonderful Recluse, as these guns have the same model, element, and even RPM. Of course, that’s not enough to be a good SMG, as it also needs good perks, and Funnelweb is lucky in this regard. The beloved Subsistence and Frenzy combo will help you both with a small magazine and increase the SMG’s damage. If you like throwing your Grenades, Adrenaline Junkie is a much more preferable choice, as the damage bonus here is twice that of Frenzy. Funnelweb is no doubt one of the best Gunsmith weapons in Destiny 2 Season 23.

Taipan-4fr, Linear Fusion Rifle

Taipan-4fr god roll

Although Linear Fusion Rifles lost their former glory after the Nerf, it doesn’t mean they became useless. Of course, the best LFR is still Cataclysmic, but not all players play Raids. For such Guardians, Taipan-4fr exists. It has excellent perks if you are playing in a Fireteam (Firing Line) and if you are solo play (Frenzy + Focused Fury), with the main advantage being the ability to craft this LFR. So, you can call Taipan as one of the best Gunsmith weapons in Destiny 2 in 2023.

Jararaca-3sr, Scout Rifle

Jararaca-3sr is a contentious gun for various reasons, which continues to be debated to this day. 

If you want a Scout Rifle in PvE with a focus on Stasis for a while, then with Rapid Hit and Headstone, you get a really decent and fast Scout Rifle with the ability to spawn crystals. 

If you’re looking towards PvP, you might like it with Tunnel Vision and Kill Clip. It may not be the Jararaca-3sr is very stable and shoots very fast, but with these perks, you’ll be more accurate and deal more damage!


Finally, we reached the Omolon brand, which is loved because of its fast and efficient operation. Omolon guns have the Omolon Fluid Dynamics trait, which improves stability and reload speed for the first half of the magazine, gradually decreasing the buff effect as it is used up.

Snorri FR5, Fusion Rifle

Snorri fr5 GodRoll

Fusion Rifles can be considered the golden mean among all Special weapons in PvP. Especially when it became part of the Gunsmith weapon focusing. They have acceptable Range, and unlike Snipers, they are much easier to learn to play with. If you’re looking for a great Fusion Rifle and still don’t have any that can be obtained in Endgame content, consider Snorri FR5. It may not have Under Pressure, which is regarded as the must-have Fusion Rifles perk, but Firmly Planted or Surplus are great substitutes that aren’t far behind it.

Ogma PR6, Pulse Rifle

Ogma Pr6 God Roll

Do you love Solar Pulse Rifles with 450 RPM and PvE game modes? Then, you can add Ogma PR6 to your wishlist because it is a part of the best Destiny 2 Gunsmith weapons! Demolitionist and Adrenaline Junkie will make this gun ideal in any Grenade Builds, as these perks will give you Grenade Energy and bonus damage after Grenade Final Blows! If you don’t want to use the first perk from the third column, replace it with Adaptive Minitions to deal more damage to enemies with shields. As usual, Stats and One for All are an excellent combination for improving your Pulse Rifle’s stats and damage.

Ammit AR2, Auto Rifle

Who would have thought Ammit AR2 would start topping the charts in top Trials guns and become one the best PvP Gunsmith weapons? What’s so special about Ammit AR2, and why did it become so popular? 

It’s all about Dynamic Sway Reduction, Tap the Trigger and Omolon Fluid Dynamics. All the aforementioned perks, in one way or another, improve Stability and Accuracy, making Ammit AR2 extremely pleasant to shoot and easy to hit with. This gun was so outstanding that Bungie even had to Nerf both Auto Rifles and Ammit AR2. And if you think that because of its power in PvP, it must be bad for PvE, you are deeply mistaken.

Final Words

So, these are all the best Foundry weapons to focus in Destiny 2. We understand there are quite a lot of them, but you can find any gun to suit your taste and color, so we recommend studying this material carefully. Remember, if you don’t have time for this, you can use Destiny 2 Services and get what you want.

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