Destiny 2: Threadrunners Are Wreaking Havoc in Lightfall

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Destiny 2 players are facing disruption in the Lightfall once again. And the culprit that’s wreaking havoc is no one else but the Threadrunners.

Despite some hiccups at launch, Strand has been warmly embraced by both gamers and reviewers. The darkness-based subclass has left a huge impact on the way players tackle PvE and PvP challenges. It offers greater freedom in movement and combat, as well as more options to put enemies under control.

Enjoyable as it is, Hunter seems to be the class that has benefited the most with its massive damage and infinite Grapple. Most recently, it was discovered that some Threadrunners are denying opponents the ability to use their Supers accurately. The subclass is also affecting some weapons’ tracking abilities. Thus, having a proper match in Crucible is seemingly impossible.

As part of their arsenal, Threadrunners possess the ability to fashion Tether points using their Grapple. This point then be utilized by others to Grapple onto. According to Cheese Forever, a Destiny 2 content creator, Tether points may act as tangible objects within the game. Thus, they are able to obstruct certain attacks. In a recently shared footage, they were able to intercept their opponents’ Supers in Crucible matches. The video showcases Cheese Forever successfully utilizing the Tether points to block a range of Super abilities. From Warlock’s Chaos Reach to Nova Bomb, as well as the Titan’s Hammer of Sol, none were able to reach them. Players are speculating that Titan Thundercrash can also be disrupted in a similar manner. However, there has yet to be evidence about this.

It’s worth mentioning that Tether points are only effective at blocking the larger Nova Bomb. Thus, players are vulnerable to smaller orbs. The Ticuu’s Divination Exotic Bow’s hip-fire mode can also detect and target Tether points. As it identifies them as hostile entities.

Gamers have pointed out that this behavior remains within the bounds of normal Crucible Playlist matches. Yet, it may pose a challenge in more competitive settings such as the Trials of Osiris. Skilled players can effortlessly neutralize Supers with a single button press, leading to highly consequential game-changing scenarios. Thus, completely shifting the course of the match.

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