New The Final Shape Trailer Shows Traveler’s Dimension

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New The Final Shape trailer is here with fresh footage of what is coming!

New The Final Shape Trailer with the Traveller

Today, Bungie released the trailer for their next major expansion, focusing on the story of what’s happening with the Traveler. Throughout the trailer, Cayde narrates how a once beautiful and light-filled place has become infected with a disease that won’t stop even after consuming the Traveler. That’s why the Guardians must engage in battle to prevent this from happening!

Players have warmly received the new trailer, and many have noted that the Guardians will apparently meet other old friends like Caiatl, Savathûn, and Mithrax.

Unsurprisingly, we are starting to receive details about the next expansion as we approach its release. For instance, the release date for The Final Shape raid was recently revealed, which will happen much sooner than expected. Moreover, we’ve learned about a new Subclass called Prismatic, which grants our Guardians a true ultimate form. Remember, The Final Shape is set to release on June 4.

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