The Final Shape: Three Exotic Armor Pieces Are Revealed

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New Exotic armor in The Final Shape were announced today, and they are magnificent!

The Final Shape New Exotic Armor

Today, there was a surprising reveal of three Exotic Armor pieces from The Final Shape for Warlock, Hunter, and Titan. Each of them will amaze you with their unique abilities, so let’s quickly go over each of them.

Warlock Exotic Armor in The Final Shape

First in line is the Warlock, who will be equipped with the Mataidoxia, an intriguing Armor chest for the Strand subclass. This TFS Exotic Armor’s essence lies in its Melee ability, Arcane Needles. When used on an enemy, it triggers a Suspending detonation that affects all nearby enemies. This powerful ability hints at the enormous potential this Exotic will bring to endgame activities, particularly in Nightfalls.

Hunter Exotic Armor in The Final Shape

Next up, Hunters will get the Gifted Conviction Exotic chest, designed for the Arc subclass. Your add clear will become even more effective with it, as you’ll be able to create Arc explosives when you activate any Aspect. Also, we noticed a Better Devil’s hand cannon in the Hunter’s hands, which deals Strand damage!

Titan Exotic Armor in The Final Shape

Finally, the Titan will also get a Chest piece called Hazardous Propulsion. If you’ve dreamed of launching rockets upon activating your Class Ability, now each of you can do just that by equipping the new The Final Shape Exotic armor piece.

Final Words on The Final Shape Exotic Armor

And that’s not all! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s update from Bungie, where they will reveal more about the arsenal that awaits us in The Final Shape. We’re particularly excited to learn about the Better Devil’s and other weapons. In the meantime, you can dive deeper into everything we know about The Final Shape in another article.

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