Destiny 2 The Final Shape All Leaks in One Place

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Although we’re just three months into 2023, it has already been an eventful year for Destiny 2. A steady stream of rumors and insider information has been and still is making its way onto the Internet. Despite it only being March, the gaming community has been buzzing with leaks and speculations about what’s to come from Bungie. From Lightfall being unveiled just a day before its release to the Season of the Deep revelation and even the leak of the highly-anticipated 2023 Guardian Games armor. The famous FPS game’s developers seem unable to keep their secrets under wraps. With that being said, of course, even the upcoming expansion, the Final Shape, can’t escape from the same fate.

Bear in mind what you’re going to read is not official information from Bungie, and thus, they won’t be 100% accurate. And if you’re not a spoiler lover, remember to proceed with caution.

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Story and Gameplay

A new destination has emerged, and it goes by the name “Schism.” There is no mention of Xivu Arath within The Final Shape. Instead, it is Rhulk or Nezarec who takes the lead in commanding the Taken forces within Schism.

The concept of The Final Shape revolves around the convergence of all times and space, resulting in a collapsing effect. It is a profound and captivating phenomenon that holds great significance within this new destination.

The epilogue mission takes place on a weekly basis, allowing us to retrieve memories of frozen guardians from the Time Valley. Among the intriguing elements within this mission is the presence of Frozen Oryx.

The Time Valley, referred to as “Entropy,” serves as the backdrop for this mission. It is a captivating location where the tower stands at its core, frozen in time and requiring our efforts to unfreeze it. This task becomes crucial in unraveling the secrets hidden within the valley.

Destiny 2 The Final Shape All Leaks: The Return of Cayde-6

As we embark on our journey in the “Valley,” Cayde-6 may return to Destiny 2, albeit not in the way fans might have hoped. He only returns inside of the Time Valley, playing the role of a knowledgeable guide. However, it’s important to note that his role is primarily a farewell to his character rather than an active participant in the narrative.

Furthermore, the expansion introduces two new factions to the game. One of these factions consists of tormentors, who bear a striking resemblance to Rhulk. These new adversaries bring unique challenges and encounters, offering players a fresh and engaging gameplay experience as they navigate the evolving world of the game.

Ultimately, we face defeat at the hands of the Witness.

The Final Shape Trailer

Bungie uploaded the trailer to their final expansion. They swiftly set it to private mere minutes later. However, in this digital age, once something hits the internet, it’s here to stay. So feast your eyes on the 44-second video right here!


Players will be launched into a 12-man mission. However, it’s worth noting that this information may not be set in stone, given that The Final Shape is still a ways off. Furthermore, it remains to be seen whether Bungie will be able to make 12-man matchmaking work effectively.

The upcoming TFS raid boss will be The Witness. They will take on different forms throughout the three encounters.

Destiny 2 The Final Shape Raid Leaks

Notably, one of The Witness’s phases bears resemblance to Noface, a character from the bathhouse scene in the renowned film “Spirited Away.”

The Witness won’t be defeated in the raid, but rather a 12-man epilogue-style mission where we rip them out of the Darkness

About The DLC

TFS is rumored to be priced at $50.

One of the most intriguing tidbits of information is that the new location will be more open-world than usual. Thus, you will have plenty of room to explore. In addition, returning landmarks will be featured in the destination, including one that appears to be part of the Dreadnought.

The area may be referred to as the “Schism,” although it’s worth noting that this could simply be a placeholder name.

Another exciting detail is that the new patrol location will reportedly take place inside the Traveler.

More information is on the way, so be sure to keep an eye on this article for updates as soon as they become available. And if you’re interested in learning more about your favorite game, don’t forget to check out our Guides and News section, as you will definitely find what you want to know there.

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