Solar Opposites Made a Valentine’s Day Joke on Destiny 2

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Solar Opposites mentioned Destiny 2 in their latest episode in a very funny way.

Solar Opposites Made a Valentine's Day Joke on Destiny 2

Just recently, we talked about how the creators of Rick and Morty made a reference to Gjallarhorn, and now the creators of Solar Opposites have mentioned Destiny 2 in their latest episode.

A couple of days ago, the Valentine’s Day special of Solar Opposites was released, where the main characters tried to ruin this human holiday. Destiny 2, specifically the game disc, appears at the 4-minute mark and is thrown into a concoction as a great way to destroy a family if a player prefers their fireteam. Below, we’ll leave a clip from this episode:

Solar Opposites is a show created by Justin Roiland and Mike McMahan, who were also involved with the production of Rick and Morty. After Roiland’s removal from both projects last year due to a scandal, McMahan continued working on both shows. In fact, it’s possible that the production teams for both animated series overlap, which explains why we see a another reference to Destiny 2.

The joke turned out to be quite hilarious, but we would be interested to hear your opinion in the comments!

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