Destiny 2 Salvation’s Edge raid World First Race overview

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In this article, we’ll take a detailed look at the Salvation’s Edge raid World First Race, including the rules, participants, and winner.

Salvation’s Edge will conclude the Light and Darkness saga, and this time, the Guardians will have to defeat the powerful Witness. Just like last year with the Root of Nightmares, we’ll tell you all the details of the Salvation’s Edge race now. We recommend you first read our Salvation’s Edge raid overview, which details everything you need to know about the Final Shape raid.

World First Race release date

The World First Race started on June 7, 10 AM PT, simultaneously with the Salvation’s Edge raid launch.

World First Race rules

The rules of the race are almost the same as the conditions for launching the raid itself, with the only difference being that the maximum cap of all players is 1965 Power Level. The Contest Mode feature is that each encounter will become more difficult than the previous one.

The winner will be the first fireteam which complete all encounters and loot the final chest.

World First Race participants

Along with ordinary players, Destiny 2 streamers and content makers will compete for the right to become the first in Salvation’s Edge raid. World First Race is broadcast live on the Twitch Rivals channel. Currently, 2,107 participants are registered in the race, including well-known Destiny 2 content makers and past years’ race winners.

Among the participants noted:

and many others. More than 400,000 viewers simultaneously watch the live broadcast of Salvation’s Edge raid on Twitch.

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World First Race winners

The World First winners will receive Salvation’s Edge Raid Belt as in previous years.

(Source: Bungie Inc.)

Salvation’s Edge raid World First Race winner is team Parabellum.

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