Destiny 2 PVP Tips and Tricks

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Welcome to our series of articles where we discuss and help young guardians with advice on a wide variety of Destiny 2 game modes. This article will focus on PVP, explain all the ins and outs of player combat, and discuss every important detail before you start defeating players. Thanks to this article, you will learn how to get better at Destiny 2 PvP, or at least know about those things you have not even thought about before.

We will share at least nine cool facts to help you in the Crucible and other PvP modes. For example, a simple game setting can significantly affect the gameplay, and putting a particular mod on a weapon can give you an advantage over many players. Interested? Then get out a pen and paper, call your friends and start learning all the exciting Destiny 2 PvP tips!

Choose your weapon

This could be the most obvious advice you can see here. But despite this fact, many beginners either don’t know what type of weapon they should bring to the Crucible or take the first ones they come across, which are only suitable for PvE. So if you want to feel more comfortable in PVP, don’t forget to keep an eye on the Destiny 2 current PvP meta. For example, in Season of Plunder, the best guns are Pulse Rifles, Sidearms, and SMGs.

But don’t forget that each type of gun has a different Frame, which directly affects the damage, as well as various perks that can improve your range, stability, and handling. Of course, some of them also increase damage, making your gun much more deadly. Sadly not all of them are good. For example, if someone advises you in Destiny 2 Frenzy for PvP — never listen to him again. Would you like to learn more about perks? Well, we safely recommend the site, where the players leave reviews and tips for each gun! Also, check out our recent article about Contentmakers, as we have a collection of well-known YouTubers and Streamers that can help you with this.

Keep a close eye on your stats

Destiny stats are an almost central part of the game because they directly affect your HP, regeneration, and cooldowns. So you should never forget about them! First of all, we recommend that you maximize your recovery because this stat will allow you to restore your health to return to battle again quickly. But don’t overlook resilience, which slightly increases your health, can often save your life, and reduces flinch from weapons.

Other stats should be increased based on your build or preferences. If you want to throw grenades at everyone — boldly increase discipline, like to use your super often — you definitely need intellect. Strength will never let you down if you crave to beat opponents. Don’t overlook the fact that every class has a stat bound that reduces the class ability regen. If you’re a Hunter who needs mobility to dodge frequently, you’ll only have to sacrifice recovery or resilience, which is not very good.


Also, quite an important component is PvP mods in Destiny 2, which can greatly help you during battles. There are two types of mods — weapons and armor. First, let’s talk about the former since they directly affect your guns. Here you will find a fairly wide range for every taste. You can easily improve the recoil direction with Counterbalance Stock and improve the target acquisition with the Targeting Adjuster. Or just use the Icarus Grip to ease your Vertical gameplay, which we will discuss later. Also, on Adept weapons, there are special mods that can increase characteristics, such as range or handling, which can give some shotguns a second chance.

Now we can discuss mods for armor. It would be a little more challenging to deal with since each weapon has its own separate mod. The most important are targeting, dexterity, and unflinching, as the first two will increase specific gun stats. The latter will help you avoid a nasty flinch that can often miss you. It is worth noting that certain mods are tied to a particular part of the armor. For example, targeting can only be inserted into a helmet, and they are also stacks, so you can safely insert both shotgun dexterity to kill faster with it. This is how Destiny 2 PvP mods affect your gameplay, so don’t forget to visit Ada-1 and Gunsmith to buy the right one.

Movement (Slide, Strafe, Vertical gameplay)

Movement in Destiny 2 plays one of the most critical roles in your gameplay. Your survivability, the number of kills, and many other factors will depend on how you move. Let’s start talking about slides. Sliding helps you quickly find yourself in different directions in a fraction of a second and also enables you to avoid a bullet in the forehead. Using them consistently will save your life many times over, and shotgun-loving Guardians make a living off while gliding.

In addition, you should learn how to strafe correctly. If you stand still or go to the enemy, you will be doomed to death. Making more unpredictable movements and moving from side to side will help you survive much longer and help you stay on the battlefield, even in the most hopeless situations. You can snipe and dodge, jump and then avoid the bullet, slide in different directions through cover, and then shoot the enemy with a shotgun. You can do crazy strafes, but don’t forget about your aim, because strafe will be useless without a good aim.

Source: Bungie

And the last thing you must remember is the gameplay’s verticality. Gunfights in Destiny 2 happen all the time on the ground or in midair, making many newbies nervous and, after that, making foul shots. Instead, the player must take advantage of this feature of the game. Do you see a player running toward you? Hide around the corner and fly under at the last moment before he enters to finish him off unnoticed. Find good angles, thanks to which you can easily eliminate unsuspecting opponents from above or below them. Don’t forget about such in-game mechanics as Airborne Effectiveness because the more it is on the gun, the better you will hit the enemy in the air. Properly using each of these three movement categories will help you get much better in PvP and even in PvE. This is one of the tips that answer your question: “In Destiny 2, how to get good at PvP?!”.

Check your radar

It was evident to everyone that the radar in the Crucible is the most helpful thing. But many beginners do not even realize this and ignore it. With the help of radar, you can not only detect the enemy nearby but also find out how far he is from you. Radar can help a lot if you have a sharp turn in front of you and part of the map is out of sight. Still, you can’t always rely on it because Void Hunters are on the alert and can easily outwit the radar with the help of invisibility. But we can say for sure that without radar, it will be impossible to reach the top in PvP and be an outstanding player.

Play with your friend

It is always more fun and more reliable to play with friends than with randoms in PvP. Your friends often play an essential role in your gameplay as well, as they are where you start honing your own tactics in the Crucible. Each player takes on a specific role. Each can have strengths or weaknesses, and helping each other out will help you win PvP more often. Practice your teamwork, try different tactics or just have fun creating havoc in matches. Friends can help you figure it out and adequately explain how to play PvP Destiny 2 and be good at it. All this can be an excellent start for you to move on to the Trials of Osiris, but this will be discussed in another article.

Source: Bungie

Settings and their variability

As strange as it may sound, by digging through the Destiny 2 settings, you can significantly improve your overall experience with the game. Making Destiny 2 pro PvP binds for your keyboard or controller maybe even more important, but settings here are essential too. For example, by removing motion blur, your field of view will become much better, and you will not be distracted by blur while moving. Among other settings, we recommend improving the mouse’s sensitivity, as you can aim and kill your opponents much faster. In addition, you can turn off the music and turn up the volume of the in-game sounds to hear enemies more clearly and anticipate their appearance. Now you know the best settings for PvP in Destiny 2 that will make your life noticeably and much better! We recommend that you understand them in more detail in videos on YouTube that discuss this topic.

Train your aim

From the points above or just by playing PvP, you will immediately understand that aim plays the most crucial role there. Try to train it, and it’s best to go through the story part of Destiny 2 first before you go hunting for the Guardians. Do problems continue to arise? Try to shoot with your weapon at one point for a couple of minutes, or take a revolver/sniper rifle to focus on it as much as possible. The longer you play with these weapons, the better your shooting and aim will become.

Source: Bungie

With a sniper, you can practice on various planets by using a quick scoop to kill opponents. Maybe you will often die, but then, after some time, all your suffering will fully pay off. By the way, speaking of this…

Don’t give up on yourself, and keep improving your skills

Every Guardian at one point in his life in PvP loses his morale and leaves with the words, “PvP sucks, it is boring and broken, and I will never be playing it again.” Perhaps we can understand your position since a series of unsuccessful matches or just a bad day could completely ruin your entire PvP experience in the game. However, we recommend that you do not lose heart. Every fall has a rise, and you can beat all your records in the Crucible the next day. We recommend following the above Destiny 2 Crucible tips and pushing your skill to the limit. As you complete each step in this PvP guide, eventually, you will start to notice how your death counter gets much lower and your kill counter much better.

That’s all we can advise inexperienced guardians in Destiny 2. We hope now you know how to improve the PvP experience in Destiny 2 for you, and these tips will help you in future fights. How you can improve your skills in the game can be hours. Be sure to tell your friends about this article. If you do not have enough time to knock out the top guns from our text, then use the PvP boost services from WoWVendor’s professionals.

Thanks for reading! Owl is flying away.

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