Destiny 2 Prismatic Subclass: Overview and Breakdown

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Bungie has fully disclosed the new Destiny 2 Prismatic subclass, and we will briefly talk about it now.

Destiny 2 Prismatic Subclass

Bungie decided not to keep silent and released an article about the new Subclass in Destiny 2 called Prismatic. The article explained the entire principle of its operation and demonstrated the Abilities, Aspects, and Fragments available to players. Although what happens in-game may not match the expectations of some players, this innovation will significantly diversify Buildcrafting.

Each class will receive five Supers, Melees, Grenades, and Aspects from each Subclass, as well as some unique Abilities like Acrobat’s Dodge for Hunter, Thruster for Titan, and Phoenix Dive for Warlock. The complete list of available Abilities can be seen in the pictures below. It is important to note that items marked with “starting” will be available for the Prismatic Subclass from the first mission of TFS, while the rest will have to be obtained from Prismatic chests or after particularly tough battles.

In addition, some Aspects will be modified explicitly for Prismatic, resulting in new synergies with Abilities from other Subclasses. For example, Stylish Executioner will be triggered by defeating an enemy afflicted by any Subclass debuff, and Diamond Lance can be created from any ability’s final blow. 

Unlike Abilities, the Prismatic will have its Fragments. However, Fragments from other subclasses still inspire some of them. There will be 21 pieces in total, and the developers decided to reveal 12 of them in advance.

New Subclass Fragments

Even with the introduced restrictions, it is possible to assemble dozens of new Builds that will be unique to the Prismatic Subclass:

And with that, the full breakdown of the new subclass in Destiny 2 is complete. If you have any more questions or want to learn more about what awaits us in The Final Shape, follow our blog and news. For example, the details about Destiny 2 Pantheon were fully leaked yesterday, and now practically everything is known.

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