Destiny 2 Necrochasm: Guide and Overview

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Crota’s End has been released, which means another race… for the Raid gun! Bungie decided to fully retain the idea of the Raid and its Exotic so that it would be different from the usual farming of the final encounter. You have to complete a whole quest, try other versions of this weapon, and figure out if the Exotic is worth your time at all, but more on that in order. Sit down, we’re starting!

Is Necrochasm Worth It?

Necrochasm Auto Rifle

Necrochasm is a fairly unique Auto Rifle, which will appeal to Osteo Striga and Thorn fans. It’s a Weapon of Sorrow, which means it can synergize with Necrotic Grip, pleasing Warlock mains.

At the same time, this weapon has two unique perks: Cursebringer and Desperation. The former triggers on a headshot final blow, causing an explosion that deals significant damage and refills the magazine if it destroys an enemy. The latter synergizes with the previous perk because the weapon’s rate of fire, stability, and aim assist improves after Explosion Final Blow or reloading after a headshot takedown, which may even come in handy in PvP. The Catalyst also grants the Outlaw perk, which reduces reload time on Precision Final Blows, further enhancing Necrochasm in Destiny 2.

When looking at the overall characteristics and archetype, it becomes clear that Necrochasm has the capability to become the main favorite among Auto Rifles fans. A 720 RPM, which increases to 900 by activating relatively simple and valuable perks, is a blessing. If you are ready to go through Crota’s End many times without losing your sanity, then this gun will pay off all your sufferings.

How to get Necrochasm in Destiny 2

Obtaining this Exotic weapon isn’t as easy as you might wish. Indeed, it won’t drop randomly, but you’ll have to put in considerable effort.

First and foremost, you need to defeat Crota. A full raid completion isn’t necessary, just the final stage to access the vendor. Once you deal with Oryx’s son, his sword will appear, which you can interact with to get the “Bottomless Pit” quest.

The boss himself isn’t a significant threat, but he isn’t ideal for Necrochasm farm either. If you haven’t faced Crota before, we recommend reading the next paragraph carefully.

Necrochasm Last Boss

You need to assign roles to those who will break the boss’s shield and clear the area: 

That’s all you need to know about the final encounter.

Necrochasm Guide

Once the Necrochasm quest is in your inventory, you’ll receive a common Auto Rifle named Husk of the Pit. You can upgrade it by annihilating 100 hive enemies, which is relatively easy on the moon or in activities during the Season of the Witch. After that, you’ll receive a fully masterworked legendary Eidolon Ally Auto Rifle. For its enhancement, you’ll need the Essence of the Oversoul; Necrochasm cannot be acquired without them. You have a chance to get them from completing encounters in Crota’s End or obtain them from Triumphs, which is guaranteed 1 Essence (or more). 

In total, you have to earn 20 Essence of the Oversoul, meaning you either farm encounters (preferably on Ir Yut, as she can be destroyed in One Phase using Leviathan’s Breath or Sleeper Simulant) or struggle with the Triumphs (the maximum you can get is 13 Essences). As soon as you gather the required amount, the desired Crota’s End Exotic will be in your inventory.

How to get Necrochasm Catalyst in Destiny 2

If you’ve tried to obtain the Catalyst in Vault of Glass or King’s Fall, you can probably guess that you’re in for some secrets.

The first secret appears after completing the second encounter. Do not climb up the stairs; from the bridge, turn right, where you’ll find a glowing green circle. You can activate it with the Necrochasm Auto Rifle in hand, so return to the previous segment if you still need to do so.

Once activated, a mini-encounter starts where you need to defeat a bunch of Gatekeepers in 90 seconds using swords. The message “Crota’s Minions are Defeated” will appear in the bottom left corner if successful. And don’t worry if you fail, as you have unlimited attempts.

Necrochasm Catalyst quest

After the Deathsinger encounter, do not initiate the fight with Crota. Proceed to the right tower, where you’ll find the familiar green circle. This time, your fireteam must defeat three Swordbearers to get the swords and then triumph over the Gatekeepers using them. Again, you have 90 seconds, with unlimited attempts. Completing both secrets rewards you with the D2 Necrochasm Catalyst, but unfortunately, we’re not done with Crota’s End.

You’ll need to collect Essence of Oversoul again, requiring 35 in total to receive a new perk for the Auto Rifle. We still recommend farming Ir Yut, as it’s the quickest and easiest encounter for this task.

Final Words

Well, all that’s left is wishing you luck farming the Necrochasm in the Season of the Witch, as it’ll take quite a few hours or days, depending on the team’s skill. If you have any questions, you can ask them in the comments below, and we’ll be happy to answer. Remember, you can skip the entire grinding process with Destiny 2 Service, where we’ll personally farm this Exotic for you and more. Quality and speed are our priorities!

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