Destiny 2 March 2024 Update: PvE and PvP Weapon Changes

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The upcoming Destiny 2 weapon changes in March 2024 will be huge!

Destiny 2 March 2024 Update PvE and PvP Weapon Changes

Guns always need adjustments because the meta should not stay in one place. This is why Bungie constantly changes Weapon Balance, and the Mid-Season Patch is no exception. We’ll try briefly discussing the upcoming changes to help make some Guns more popular. Remember that all these changes will roll out on March 5!

Destiny 2 PvE Weapon Changes in March

First, let’s talk about changes more relevant to PvE than the Crucible, like those that affected Precision and High-Impact Rocket Launchers. Since they had the lowest damage output among all subfamilies, they were hardly used in any content. Update 7.3.5 is ready to fix this, as these archetypes will have their reserve ammo increased by 2, making their total damage on par (or even better) than other Rocket Launchers.

These changes also affected the damage output, as the damage penalty for Precision Archetype is now 5%, and High-Impact had their detonation damage improved while lowering impact damage, making them more effective against groups or moving targets. The most surprising thing is that all these changes also apply to Exotics, namely Deathbringer, Gjallarhorn, and Truth.

Another major change is the Heavy Grenade Launchers buff, which can finally become a worthy competitor to Rocket Launchers. Their main problem was always the reserve ammo, precisely its small amount. This is no longer an issue with the Mid-Season Patch, as all Heavy Grenade Launchers ammo have been increased! Depending on the Archetype, they will receive an additional 6 to 10 rounds.

The team behind these updates also finally made Spike Grenades not a must-have Trait in the 2nd column, as now the difference between GLs with this perk and those without will not be as significant. Additionally, detonation damage was increased by 5%. Developers also did not forget about the Wave Frame Heavy Grenade Launcher, increasing their damage by 20% and wave width by 40%.

Moving on to other, but no less interesting, changes for PvE

Destiny 2 PvP Weapon Changes in March

Finally, let’s take a look at the Crucible, although not much was touched upon here. Unpleasant changes affected Bows and Sniper Rifles, cutting down their Accuracy, especially at long distances. Lightweight Scout Rifles got a small damage increase of 5%, which means that Guardians can now be killed with 3 critical hits and 1 body hit. A Heavy Burst Hand Cannon bug was fixed, which resulted in them having 25% less aim assist than other Hand Cannons when hip firing or airborne on mouse and keyboard. Exotics also received minor changes:

Destiny 2 Weapon Perk Changes in March

There’s a lot of information about perks in TWID, so we’ll tell you about the most interesting upcoming changes:

Conclusion to These Weapon Changes in Destiny 2

That’s all you need to know about the March changes, which are not long to wait for. Bungie has also revealed details about ability changes with PvP adjustments, but we decided to dedicat separate articles to them. Bungie has done a tremendous job and will thoroughly shake up the game in the near future. You can share your opinion in the comments!

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