Malfeasance Destiny 2: How to Complete Exotic Quest in 2024

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How to Get Malfeasance in Destiny 2 in 2023

In Destiny, there are many intriguing Exotic weapons. Each one is unique and completely changes the approach to the weapon’s type. In this article, we decided to touch on Destiny 2 Malfeasance, which amazes fans of hand cannons with its efficiency and utility. Of course, the method of obtaining it might make some players abandon this attempt, but let’s not jump to conclusions. Allow us to slowly examine this hand cannon’s unique properties and whether it’s worth farming at all!

Malfeasance Overview

Malfeasance is a Precision (180 RPM) Kinetic Hand Cannon, present in Destiny 2 since the Forsaken expansion. The game has changed since then, but Malfeasance D2 is still popular, especially among Hunters. So, what’s so special about it?

Malfeasance destiny 2

Malfeasance has two Unique Perks, of which only one is worth your attention. The first, Taken Predator bonus damage by 25% against Taken enemies and Invaders, and that’s one of the reasons why you can see it in Gambit Matches. This perk also has a secret synergy with Witherhoard, so enemies affected by Witherhoard’s Blight also receive additional damage from you. 

Explosive Shadow makes Malfeasance Destiny 2 a worthy gun and one of the best Exotic Hand Cannons. Each of your shots applies Explosive Slugs to the enemy. If five of them accumulate, an explosion occurs with the ability to stun Unstoppable Champions.

Even though the discussion about Catalyst will come later, it’s still important to know that it gives this gun +20 Range and Vorpal Weapon perk (bonus damage against Minibosses, Bosses, and Vehicles). Thanks to the bonus, you can often encounter Hunters with Lucky Pants and Malfeasance, as this combo has an ability to deal a tremendous amount of damage in a few seconds.

How to Get Malfeasance in Destiny 2

Before we start, it’s worth noting — you require the Forsaken Pack to obtain Malfeasance. If you have previously purchased the Forsaken DLC, you can ignore the Forsaken Pack (some people also buy it, thinking that Bungie has been taken away expansion from them).

First Step: Defeat Primeval

Getting the Exotic can easily pose some problems. The thing is, you may be unlucky in the process of completing the quest. To begin the Malfeasance quest, you must destroy Ascendant Taken Servitor in a Gambit Match, which may randomly appear as Primeval (Final Boss). In addition, your team must win the match, or else you’ll have to find this pest again. After that, you’ll receive the “Darkness in the Light” Quest, sending you to talk to Drifter.

destiny 2 Malfeasance

Second Quest Step: Dreaming City

After quite an interesting dialogue, you’ll be sent on a tour to Dreaming City, where you have to destroy 25 Taken Bosses or Minibosses. The quest can take some time, so we recommend going to Lost Sectors or The Blind Well for quicker completion. Once you’ve found all the “clues,” go directly to the “The Corrupted” mission. If the name seems familiar, that’s because it is a modified version of a Strike with the same name. It’s pretty challenging, so we advise bringing trustworthy friends.

Third Step: Collect Motes and Win Gambit Matches

Upon completing the Destiny 2 Forsaken Malfeasance Mission, go back to Drifter. He’ll ask you to win Gambit 10 times and also deposit a considerable number of Motes for the next quest step. Of course, there is a small catch here, too: you also lose progress for each lost Mote. So, play more carefully and always try to hide from Invaders.

Final Step: Gambit Invaders

Now we have reached the final step of the quest. That’s where many give up and get mad at Bungie’s developers because now you need to act as Invader. To complete it, you’ll need:

Unfortunately, we all know it isn’t easy. To help you in some way, we advise using Xenophage, as it is pretty easy to operate and can destroy any Guardian with two hits at any range. After all the torment, return to Drifter and get Malfeasance in your hands to destroy any enemies and gambit invaders! 

How to Get Malfeasance Catalyst

As with many other Exotics, everything depends on whether Random turns in your favor or not. The only good news is that at least you won’t be forced to play Gambit matches again if you don’t like it. The Catalyst drops randomly from Strikes, Crucible, and Gambit, and there’s no way to increase the random drop chance. Once you finally get lucky and obtain it, be prepared to destroy 700 Enemies, as that’s how many you will need for its full unlocking. It’s a laborious process, but, as we already said in the Overview section, getting the Malfeasance catalyst is definitely worth it.

Is Malfeasance Good in PvP?

The situation with Malfeasance in PvP is quite ambiguous, as it has a terrible archetype for this mode. Nevertheless, the Exotic Hand Cannon has undeniable advantages with a Сatalyst, such as excellent range, decent recoil control, and a pleasant experience against enemies and gambit invaders. We still recommend using that Exotic Hand Cannon in another game mode, specifically PvE, due to the combination with an upgrade, Lucky Pants, and Explosive Shadow, as was described in the overview at the beginning. Trust us, Taken enemies and any other opponents will avoid you with it!

Final Words

So now you know everything about this weapon, and we can congratulate you! If you have any questions or want to thank us for the guide, please comment below, and we’ll happily participate in any discussion. If you encounter problems with farming, we can offer a professional service to complete the Destiny 2 Malfeasance Quest. By following our method, you can save time and avoid playing Gambit, resulting in only positive outcomes.

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