Major Destiny 2 Crucible Update Is Coming on March 5

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Get ready to see the major Destiny 2 Crucible Update in the history of this game!

Major Destiny 2 Crucible Update Is Coming in March 5

This week, Bungie, particularly the PvP Strike Team, discussed the future of Crucible in Destiny 2. Most of the changes will be released on March 5, and almost all of them are worth your attention!

The developers started by discussing Maps, specifically the spawn points on them. With Update 7.3.5, all maps will undergo changes in spawn points, Heavy ammo crates, and tiebreaker zone locations, but some require individual attention. For example, on larger maps like The Citadel, Cathedral of Dusk, Disjunction, and Convergence, Guardians will spawn much closer to the center, resulting in players engaging in Gunfights much faster. Bungie also reminded us about the release of three new maps in May, designed for 3v3 game modes: Eventide Labs (Europa), Cirrus Plaza (Neomuna), and Dissonance (Terraformed Pyramid Ship).

New modes are on the horizon, along with some changes to existing ones, which will appeal to a huge number of players:

All these modes will be available with Update 7.3.5.

The information about the modes continues but goes beyond the March update:

Matchmaking will undergo significant changes once again. There’s too much information about it, which would require us to write a really long article, so if you’re interested, you can read it in the TWID itself.

Overall, that’s all you need to know about the major changes in Crucible in Update 7.3.5 and beyond! If this excites you, then the biggest changes for Trials of Osiris will not disappoint you, nor will the updated weapons in the Prophecy dungeon.

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