Into the Light Weapons Balance and Upcoming Silver Discount

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New Into the Light Weapon Balances and more things revealed in the latest TWID!

Into the Light Weapon Balance and Upcoming Silver Discount

Bungie continues to delight us with weekly TWIDs, although this time, it was quite short on new information due to the first Into the Light stream this Tuesday. Still, there are a couple of news items that we must tell you about!

Into the Light Weapon Balance Changes

An important part of today’s TWID is the balance of some guns in PvP, as after Patch 7.3.5, the meta changed quite significantly:

We will leave the full list of changes below:

Weapon Changes into the light

Limited-Time Destiny 2 Silver Discount

Next week, specifically on March 26, Destiny 2 players will have the opportunity to purchase Silver at a reduced price until April 2. The discount will be 20%, so we recommend hurrying if you have been planning to do this for a while.

Second Into the Light Live Stream 

We should also remind you that the developers will host a second stream on March 26, during which they will share many details about Into the Light. The TWID mentioned that fans can expect details about BRAVE Arsenal weapons, a new social space, Destiny 1-inspired armor, and more. Moreover, you can receive emblems during the stream, so be sure to visit it!

Final Words

And that’s all for today. If you want to learn more about Onslaught, the new Into the Light activity, we recommend reading our previous article. Otherwise, we hope you stay informed with the news on our website and be aware of everything happening in Destiny!

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