Destiny 2 Into the Light Launch Date and Streams Revealed

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Big Destiny 2 Into the Light news is revealed in today’s TWID!

Destiny 2 Into The Light Release Date

Last week, the Guardian Games 2024 started, drawing many old players back with the opportunity to get a new transport named Skimmer. Bungie does not plan to stop there, as we are expecting a big content update in April: Into the Light!

Into the Light Release Date

Firstly, Bungie announced the release date for Into the Light, which is scheduled for April 9. Into the Light will be available for all players during April and May with new guns, missions, and much more, including a host of sandbox and quality-of-life changes. By the way, a week before this, a new Iron Banner will occur during which players can get two new guns!

Developer Live Streams about Upcoming Into the Light Content

Into the Light Live Stream

Of course, we will be getting snippets of information, but not through TWID articles. This time Bungie are going to reveal details with developer live streams, of which there will be three in total every Tuesday at 1 PM EST (6 PM CET):

Of course, the streams can be watched not only to get details about Into the Light but also for two free emblems named Those Held Dear and Echo Diamond. The first will be available after a 30-minute view, while the latter will be yours after watching a total of two hours of the three streams. Don’t forget to connect your BungieID before these streams!

Into the Light Emblems
Those Held Dear and Echo Diamond

New Enhanceable Weapons in The Final Shape

All new guns from the latest update can be improved by adding enhanced perks! This means that all the weapons listed below, including all Prophecy dungeon weapons, will become even cooler and secure their place in the meta:

Updated Fireteam Finder is Finally Here

From March 19, you will be able to search for a fireteam in the updated Fireteam Finder on your phone or in a browser. Right now, the beta version is operational, and you have a little more time to nostalgize with the old version if you wish.

Final Words

And that’s all for today’s TWID. If you have more questions about Into the Light, we recommend waiting for upcoming streams or staying on our blog, where we will break down all the important info pieces. In the meantime, stay safe, Guardians, and earn your Skimmer until the end of Guardian Games!

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