Bungie Revealed New Destiny 2 Activity for Into the Light

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In April, the release of Into the Light will take place, introducing a brand-new activity for three players in Destiny 2!

Destiny 2 Into the Light First Stream Recap

Key Takeaways:

  • A New Into the Light activity is Onslaught, a 3-Guardian-based mode in which players must defend a point from waves of enemies and collect scrap to install defences and upgrade them.
  • There will be 50 waves in total, and the difficulty will gradually increase. Every 12 waves, players will be able to receive chests with loot.
  • Fans can expect to obtain updated guns such as Midnight Coup and Hung Jury SR4 while playing this mode.

As promised, Bungie held the first stream about Into the Light, which was dedicated to the new activity coming with the update. The stream provided many details, so let’s go over them.

The new activity is called Onslaught, and it is designed for three players. The essence of the activity is to defend various points in the Last City from the army of the Witness (Hive and Fallen), with assistance from Lord Shaxx. As usual, the activity includes two difficulties: Normal and Legendary. Choosing the Legendary difficulty will reward Guardians with additional loot.


Players’ objectives are to survive waves of enemies, collect scrap from them, and upgrade their defenses with turrets, decoys, trip mines, and more. The scrap is calculated separately for each Guardian, so you will need to think with your team about what to spend it on. Of course, you can upgrade your defenses up to the third level, but if they are destroyed, you’ll have to rebuild them from scratch. Occasionally, bonus objectives will appear at the location, completing which players will receive heavy ammo and other bonuses. Keep in mind that you can go through 50 waves and the last waves are gonna be like GM Nightfall in terms of difficulty.

During the stream, the developers also showed gameplay (you can check it out below), where we saw one of the Onslaught maps, namely the reworked Midtown map from Crucible. Although players will spend most of their time in the arena, every 6 waves will teleport them to the heart of the enemy, namely into the enemy’s Pyramid. In the Pyramid, they must complete certain conditions, like defeating a boss and escaping, and every 12 waves will grant them a reward chest.

Next week, developers promise to tell us about the new Social Space, weapons, Lord Shaxx’s services as a vendor, and other details. From the stream, we could already see Midnight Coup with Firefly and Kinetic Tremors and the updated Hung Jury SR4, so we eagerly await the new week. Let us remind you that Into the Light will become available free for all players on April 9 and the next stream is going to happen next week on Tuesday at 1 PM EST (6 PM CET).

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