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Among the players of Destiny and any other MMO games, there is a common problem that they have to play such titles alone. The same Bungie is trying to solve this problem by offering to join clans, providing a search for players in various activities like Raids or Nightfalls. Despite all these practical and good decisions, many players still prefer to spend time solo because they are just more comfortable that way. And by the article’s title, you can already guess that now we will talk about how exactly it is best to have a fun solo time. Maybe you are even wondering: “Is Destiny 2 fun at all, or is it just grind-grind-grind and more?”

Playing Destiny 2 completely alone still delivers wild fun. Still, many simply do not understand what activities are available for that in the game. Today we will talk about all the ways to have fun in this shooter, tell our stories, modes, and generally, what you can do in this vast game world. So, let’s stop being sad and look for something that will please you all!

#1 Complete the story campaign of Destiny 2 and its expansions

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No matter how trite the first point may sound, many players did not even touch the story campaigns of this game and could only go through the latest additions to The Witch Queen. The plot in Destiny is fascinating, as are the characters that appear in it. The story of the original Destiny was remembered by many players for its mystery and the depth of the lore of the universe, dragging the player into these events as an ordinary Guardian. In the sequel, the plot focused more on staging and directing, which many players remembered as the story of the chosen Guardian who saves Humanity. The missions are very diverse and exciting, so we strongly recommend you plunge into the Destiny storyline.

There is a chance that you missed the campaigns, and now you can’t even go through them, but don’t worry because you can get acquainted with various videos about the lore of the game universe, where they clearly and interestingly talk about the events before the first part, during it and after. It’s incredibly interesting to follow all the events. Trust us!

#2 Crucible and Gambit activities

Many loners like to spend all their free time in PvP activities. For many, this is the main Destiny 2 fun experience. The PvP here is incredibly balanced and thrilling because, depending on your skills and equipment, you can do things that are so crazy that you will have fun all the time here. The huge player base here used to play Halo, and Bungie’s experience and practice from that game directly helped create one of the best PvP modes in the gaming industry at all!

Source: Bungie

Here you can participate in the most common modes like Control or try yourself in Survival or Trials of Osiris if you want to test your esports nature. At the same time, try out such modes where you have constantly working abilities and cartridges for heavy weapons, making battles into absolute chaos and fun!

How can we forget Gambit, which has become a real highlight among all the modes in Destiny? Bungie’s ingenious idea has created one of the most fun modes where you can fight mobs while helping your teammates, but at the same time infiltrate enemy territories, eliminating players one by one. You will feel like a real villain, but the feeling when you kill all four players at once, helping your team to get ahead, is unforgettable!

Remember that for solo players, there are separate playlists called Freelance. Those playlists could be played if you are alone in the Fireteam so that your team and the opposing team will have similar conditions for victory. And that’s where the Destiny 2 fun experience just begins.

#3 Search for Secrets and complete Triumphs

There are many secrets and mysteries in the world of Destiny, and some of them are up to you to solve. But where to start your journey in the exploration of this world? Of course, from The Witch Queen add-on, namely Savathûn’s Throne World, where Secrets is almost the central theme of this destination.

Deepsight puzzles are located throughout the location, for which you will receive rewards. You can also start a quest chain where you can open the Executioner’s Hoard chest at the end. Don’t forget the Lucent Moths scattered throughout Throne World. To make it easier, you can always find clues in the cave next to Fynch. For all these discoveries, you will complete Triumphs. Once you have explored and explored everything, you will be given a unique Ghost Shell. If you are already intrigued by all this, then run to study it all in the game!

But there are secrets not only in Savathûn’s Throne World but also in many other destinations. For example, in Europe, you can look for cute penguin toys or scary dead Exos. On the Moon, you will not only have to find rabbits but also feed them with Rice Cakes. And Dreaming City almost wholly consists of secrets, but we recommend you explore this on your own.

#4 Have fun on the Tower

You probably spend a tremendous amount of time on the Tower. A great hub where you can have fun with all your heart. For example, in the central spawn, you can find a mini-game with “The floor is Lava,” where the player must reach the light beam without touching the floor. If he manages to do this, then he will be able to jump high and climb previously inaccessible places. This will open up a huge number of opportunities for you to search for all sorts of secrets, from finding hidden locations to finding secret messages, diaries, and voice messages. In addition, you can play football with local Guardians or make a massive ball in the form of The Traveler. Please pay special attention to the diaries, as they reveal exciting details about the characters of the inhabitants of the Tower. Now you all know these details, which means it’s time to go in search of these secrets!

#5 Make Fun Builds and Create Chaos on the Battlefield

Sometimes there comes a moment when simple gameplay with guns starts to get boring, and you want to try something new. Thank God, in our beloved Destiny 2, the developers have made such a Mods and Subclasses system that everyone can easily adjust the gameplay to their needs.

With the recent changes to subclasses, players are finally able to make more varied and fun Builds. Since this system first appeared in Stasis, it is not surprising that it turned out to be the most developed due to four Aspects. There are many more extra fun Stasis Builds, like Warlock with Ager’s Scepter or Titan with Hoarfrost-Z.

The Arc subclass has been reworked in Season of Plunder, and the builds there are truly unique and fun. We already wrote an article about them, so if you want, you can play with our builds. In Destiny 2, fun builds are very diverse and exciting, so you will always find or make your own exactly what you like.

#6 Play with Fun Weapons and Experiment with Them

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As you already understand, weapons are also fun in Destiny 2, and some of them are constantly memes among users on Twitter or Reddit. Veterans will immediately remember Telesto, who breaks the whole meta every season and becomes only stronger. As if on purpose, Bungie only makes the situation with it worse every time. Want something even more fun? Take Ruinous Effigy, which will turn you into a professional basketball player. Thanks to its perk that generates balls after killing enemies, you can pick them up and crush unsuspecting enemies with the “COME ON AND SLAM.” Destiny 2 fun PvE loadouts are plentiful, and if you’re looking to double your fun, experiment with Quicksilver Storm, which is perfect for fun builds.

#7 Participate in various game events

Source: Bungie

It’s no secret that Destiny 2 fun events take place almost every season. In Season of the Haunted, it was the Solstice event, which had a fun summer vibe despite the season’s bleak vibe. But even though Season of Plunder has a more playful and adventurous spirit, we have autumn here, which means it’s time for the frightening Festival of the Lost! This event will be held from October 18 to November 8, and at this time, you will definitely be able to find something to do.

#8 Check out all the content in the last season

Source: Bungie

It also happens that players completely forget that Destiny has constantly changing seasons. In the case of Season of Plunder, Bungie has brought in a bunch of new activities and activities so that you can become a real pirate in space. Attack the enemy ship, go on a treasure hunt and fight one on one with the leaders of the pirates. All new fun activities in Destiny 2 can be played solo with normal matchmaking. Nothing will stop you from enjoying them. Every three months, come back, and you will definitely get into Destiny 2 fun for weeks or even months!

#9 Try to Search for Teammates

Source: Bungie

Our fantasy for solo players is coming to an end, so keep the last, final advice — find yourself some teammates. A lot of activities will immediately open for you, which previously seemed impossible to complete. Don’t forget Bungie’s website, which has a feature called “Find Fireteam” to help you find Guardians for any activity. If you stumble upon an experienced player, he will tell you many interesting things about Destiny and how fun you can have on it. Is Destiny 2 fun to play solo? – Yes, it is, but it’s even better in the company of good friends. Therefore, when you complete each item from the list above, gather your courage and try to get to know other players. Maybe your future best friend will be among them!

That’s the end of our article, and we hope you now know a lot more fun things to do in Destiny 2. Share this article with other users so that many more people know how to have a fun solo. If you want to know about funny weapons in the game, then we have already released an article where we talk about them. Otherwise, we wish you not to lose hope, and you can always get a fan of the game with the right approach.

Thanks for reading! Owl is flying away.

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