How to Get Winterbite in Destiny 2 Guide

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There are never too many glaives, and new exotic variations have only arrived with the Lightfall’s release!

The new addition to Destiny 2 has a lot of rare weapons that you must first find to obtain. Guardians often get lost in a massive variety of content, trying to find that new Exotic gun called Winterbite. And in this guide, we will tell you how to get Winterbite Glaive and whether it is worth many hours of farming. Let’s not freeze standing and start moving towards replenishing your collection!


First, you need to complete the story campaign in Lightfall. No matter how strange it sounds, this is crucial for obtaining any Exotic weapons.

After passing it, the entrance to the Memorial Room of Cloud Striders will become available. There you will find vendor Quinn Laghari, who will instruct you to go through a quest chain with the restoration of Strider’s Records and their data. You will need to restore five Memorials in total. Each requires different conditions to complete.

One of the first tasks will be exploring this new location and listening to the city’s history. After that, you will restore the first monument.

In the second quest, complete Terminal Overload to open the chest for defeating the final boss, obtain the passcode from the Vex Hydra in Esi Terminal, get the Terminal Overload Key from any activity or chest at the Neomuna and use it. Once these conditions are met, return to Quinn to restore the Memorial and receive some rewards with access to the following quest.

In the Maelstrom quest, you must complete various activities in the Vex Incursion Zone, which changes its location weekly. Go through public events, patrols, loot resources, and anything else there. And then head to the next step: completing the Lost Sector in this zone. The task is not easy for beginners, since you must find the Lost Sector location, but you can navigate the map by this icon:

Did you deal with the Sector’s boss? Our favorite quest vendor will call you to repair another Monument, giving you new rewards and access to the Bluejay Quest. Break into the Vex Incursion Zone again with equipped Strand Subclass and start obtaining Shellcode Fragments. After this step, you will also have to open the chest from the Terminal Overload with your key to getting Polymorphic Engine. Now back in the Vex Zone, find the portal indicated on the map and approach it to interact. This interaction will start a new Partition mission, which changes weekly. When you are done, head back to Quinn to repair the last Memorial and get access to the Strider Exotic Quest.


This quest will definitely make you nervous, as you must complete three Terminal Overload activities and open three chests with the key. Why will it strain your nerves? That’s because you will have to wait for the activity’s daily resets to move to a new location. Therefore, we recommend being patient because the quest will continue only on the third day. Don’t forget to farm the keys to open these chests during this time, as many Guardians forget to do this before Terminal Overload starts.

Finally, head to Ahimsa Park to play through the Lost Sector. You will immediately get the Location Data needed for the quest and finish this task. With that done, you’ll have another meeting with Quinn and the restoration of the last Memorial. There is very little left before the finish line because you only have to go to the location of Maya’s Retreat at the bottom of Neomuna and crush every Vex that you will find there. Once you’ve recycled all the metal, Quinn will reward you with the long-desired Winterbite!


The weapon is a stasis glaive that goes into a heavy slot and fires a projectile that freezes all enemies it hits. As surprising as it may sound, this weapon significantly damages any enemy type and helps out even in end-game content. And even if there is no ammo left, you can continue using it in close combat. You guessed it: this is the best exotic Glaive in the game.

Congratulations, now you know how to get one of the best weapons in Lightfall. Tell your friends about this article if you liked this Winterbite Guide and want more. Are you having trouble getting it and don’t have time to complete all these steps? With Winterbite Service from WowVendor, you will get this weapon in absolutely no effort and without any farming!

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