How to get Still Hunt Exotic in Destiny 2: Golden Gun perk, and more

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With The Final Shape release, a new Exotic sniper rifle appeared in Destiny 2. This guide will tell you how to get Still Hunt Exotic.

This guide will tell you how to obtain Still Hunt Exotic Sniper Rifle in Destiny 2. We will tell about this Sniper Rifle features, as well as the missions to obtain it.

Still Hunt Exotic overview

Still Hunt Exotic Sniper Rifle was introduced in Destiny 2: The Final Shape DLC. It means you must own this DLC to obtain this Exotic rifle.

The main feature of this rifle is the Intrinsic Exotic Perk Cayde’s Retribution. This unique perk allows you to gain the Super Golden Gun ability even if your character is not a Hunter. Pick up Orbs of Power or land precision hits to charge the Super. To activate the Super mode, hold down the reload button.

Hunters will enjoy this Sniper Rifle’s unique synergy with the Celestial Nighthawk Exotic Helmet. The Exotic Hawkeye Hack perk of this helmet allows you to convert three Golden Gun shots into one powerful one and also explode the enemy afterward, giving you a Super charge. So Still Hunt Exotic will be especially good for Hunter.

The second trait of Still Hunt Exotic is Sharpshooter. It gives passive bonuses to target acquisition, aim-down-sight speed, and flinch resistance. The bonus increases when this weapon’s super mode is active. This Exotic sniper rifle is straight from Cayde’s arsenal and will be useful in both PvE and PvP modes.

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How to get Still Hunt Exotic Sniper Rifle

Before starting the Still Hunt quest, you need to complete the Final Shape campaign. Then, you need to return to the old Tower camp in the Pale Heart and take the Destined Heroes quest. This quest will eventually lead you to obtain the Ergo Sum Exotic Sword, but we only need the first part of this mission.

Queens, Part I

In this mission, you must activate flying runes by reflecting the enemies’ attacks of the corresponding elements using Hive Sword, which can be taken from the defeated guard. Later, you will need the Sword’s heavy attacks to destroy the shields that protect the runes.

During the first battle stage with Savathun, the mini-boss of this mission, you need to grab elemental orbs from the pedestals and throw them at the corresponding runes to break their shields. After the first victory over Savathun, the Witch Queen, in the second stage, you will first have to destroy the shields of the pedestals with elemental spheres and repeat the previous steps. After this, you will have to finally defeat Savathun (again). Then, the mission will be completed.

Wild Card

Upon returning to the Tower, Cayde-6 will give you a new quest, which is what we need to get the Still Hunt. This mission will take you on an adventure with Cayde and Crow and also give you some juicy story cutscene and dialogues.

After completing all tasks in the Wild Card quest, return to the Tower and talk to Cayde-6. He will reward you with his guaranteed Still Hunt Exotic Sniper Rifle.


Now, you have learned how to obtain the Steel Hunt in Destiny 2. This must-have Exotic Sniper Rifle with a unique perk will indeed become a DPS meta.

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