Everything you should know about Salvation’s Edge challenges in Destiny 2

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It’s time to learn all the details about how to complete Salvation’s Edge challenges this week!

Destiny 2 Salvation's Edge adept weapons

Key takeaways:

  • In this article, you will find out about the challenges of Salvation’s Edge and the adept weapons that you can obtain
  • All Salvation’s Edge challenges will have full explanations with tips and tricks to complete them
  • All Salvation’s Edge adept weapons have overviews with god roll recommendations

Do you want to dive into the Salvation’s Edge master raid and get the latest adept weapons? Then you definitely need to check out our guide on Salvation’s Edge adept guns, which covers the challenges and all the god rolls you should aim for! So, get ready to learn everything about Salvation’s Edge adept weapons!

What are Salvation’s Edge adept weapons in Destiny 2?

Here’s a quick introduction for those new to adept weapons. Each raid has a collection of weapons that you can obtain. These weapons have improved versions called adept weapons, which come with additional adept mods to enhance weapon stats. They also have a higher bonus from the Masterwork upgrade and allow you to swap Barrels and Magazines after weapon enhancing.

Salvation’s Edge adept weapons this week

Salvation’s Edge’s adept weapons are a random drop. There is no weapon rotation, only challenge rotation.

Salvation’s Edge challenge this week

Salvation’s Edge offers a variety of challenges each week. The challenges change every week, which is why we have a Salvation’s Edge challenge schedule. Next, you can check out the schedule:

Salvation’s Edge challengeDate
All challenges availableJuly 23
All challenges availableJuly 30
At CapacityAugust 6
Balanced DietAugust 13
Varied GeometryAugust 20
Coordinated EffortsAugust 27
Scenic RouteSeptember 3

How to get adept weapons in Salvation’s Edge?

As with previous raids, obtaining D2 Salvation’s Edge adept weapons is tied to master difficulty and challenges. Once you first obtain an adept weapon, you will be able to purchase it for Spoils of Conquest at the end of the Master Salvation’s Edge. Keep in mind, adept weapons from Salvation’s Edge drop completely randomly. Furthermore, we know what challenges you have to complete:

Salvation’s Edge challenges explained

As of now, we have Salvation’s Edge master challenges rotation for each week. Right now, you can learn how to complete Scenic Route challenge in Destiny 2. We will update this segment when we have more information.

Scenic Route challenge: first encounter

One of two teams has to destroy the second Overload champion that spawns every time. To do this, the team that gets the first Overload champ to spawn has to ignore it and destroy the Keeper of the Monolith Hydra. After taking it down, the second Overload will appear for another team. Destroy the champ to get the Tormentor into your room and repeat until the encounter is over.

Why can’t you kill the first Overload? If you destroy it, the Tormentor will spawn and despawn the second Overload if it is up. So, just keep this in mind and ignore them.

At Capacity challenge explained: second encounter

The challenge is that you can only deposit into the resonance box if you have three stacks. So, two sides run as usual. Then, the closers from the two sides move to the last side and collect one resonance each. And the closer on the last side only collects one of the required shapes to close. The sender on the final side earns three stacks as usual. Also, you can choose one player that will close all three, if this will make it easier for your team.

Balanced Diet challenge explained: third encounter

In this challenge, you need to choose a different shape each time. If you choose a circle the first time, the next time you will need to choose either a square or a triangle. For example, you could choose square, circle, triangle, and then circle, square, circle.

Finish Salvation’s Edge master challenges

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Varied Geometry challenge explained: fourth encounter

It is time for the hardest challenge in Salvation’s Edge. In the fourth challenge of this raid, players must use all six distinct three-dimensional shapes before they can reuse a previously exploited shape in order to escape.

To accomplish this, follow these steps:

And that’s how you beat the fourth challenge in Salvation’s Edge.

Coordinated Efforts challenge explained: fifth encounter

In this challenge, your team has to destroy all the glyphs on the Witness’s chest in 5 seconds. To do this, four players need to get the Glyphbreaker buff and quickly shoot the buttons. You can use the double-breaking technique, but you need to act fast and coordinate with your teammates.

Salvation’s Edge adept weapons god rolls

Next up, let’s do a Salvation’s Edge adept weapons overview! All six weapons are getting a complete breakdown with essential details you need to keep in mind.

Non-Denouement, Bow

Non-Denouement adept bow

Non-Denouement is the best legendary Bow in the game, having excellent add-clear potential and multiple synergies with Arc. The best perk for PvE is definitely Voltshot, which, in combination with Dragonfly, helps you create many explosions. Overall, this is one of the central weapons to focus on in our Salvation’s Edge adept weapon list.

Imminence, SMG

Imminence adept smg

Imminence, while being a decent Strand SMG with good perks for both PvE and PvP, can be easily replaced by other guns. If you really like it, consider the new Chaos Reshaped perk, giving up to 35% bonus damage, and Firefly, which appears for the first time on Submachine Guns. Of course, in PvP, it can find its niche due to good perks, but Lightweight SMGs have never been particularly popular.

Nullify, Pulse Rifle

Nullify adept pulse rifle

Nullify is a new Two-Burst Pulse Rifle archetype, already making it a unique gun. For PvE, consider the Firefly and Incandescent combo, which previously was only on Tyranny Of Heaven. However, if survivability is more critical than explosions, Heal Clip is a great alternative. Unfortunately, Nullify won’t be very good in PvP due to the lack of solid perks. Nevertheless, Nullify is still an excellent representative of Pulse Rifles, making it one of the best Salvation’s Edge adept weapons in The Final Shape.

Critical Anomaly, Sniper Rifle

Critical Anomaly adept sniper rifle

Critical Anomaly is the first Sniper Rifle in the game to get Chill Clip, which is already an excellent choice for GMs. Unfortunately, this perk is in the third column, making it impossible to combine with Reconstruction. For DPS, any of the recommended perks will be useful in different situations, but Bait and Switch will be the most reliable. In PvP, Critical Anomaly can be considered the most beneficial 72 RPM Sniper Rifle in the first slot, so fans of this archetype will definitely be pleased with its appearance.

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Forthcoming Deviance, Glaive

Forthcoming Deviance adept glaive

Forthcoming Deviance has the best perks that could appear on a Glaive. Grave Robber + Close to Melee is the best combo for Melee builds, while Demolitionist + Chain Reaction helps you restore Grenade energy by easily destroying hordes of enemies.

Summum Bonum, Sword

Summun Bonum adept sword

Summum Bonum is the first Wave-Frame Legendary Sword with decent perks. In addition to its uniqueness, this archetype has quite good damage. That’s why, if you have Surrounded, your DPS (damage per second) will be at the level of a famous Bequest.

Final Words on Destiny 2 Salvation’s Edge adept weapons guide

That’s all we have on all the best Salvation’s Edge adept weapons. If you have more questions about them, ask us in the comments below. Moreover, if you want to learn more about guns in the current DLC, we recommend checking out the best Final Shape weapons in Destiny 2!

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