How to get Microcosm Exotic in Destiny 2: co-op quest details

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This guide will tell you how to get the Microcosm Exotic Trace Rifle, which was added to Destiny 2 with The Final Shape expansion.

This guide will tell you how to obtain Microcosm Exotic Trace Rifle in Destiny 2. We’ll also talk about what quests you need to complete and share some tips and tricks for cooperative missions.

Microcosm Exotic overview

Microcosm Exotic Trace Rifle was introduced in Destiny 2: The Final Shape DLC. It means you must own this DLC to obtain this Exotic rifle.

The main feature of this rifle is the Intrinsic Exotic Perk Paracausal Beam. This perk allows the rifle to fire a powerful Kinetic beam, which deals additional damage to shields. Microcosm is unique because it’s a Heavy Trace Rifle that does not deal elemental damage.

Microcosm’s second perk is Paracausal Imbuement. This perk helps charge your Super, and also Microcosm receives bonus damage when your Super expires. Since Microcosm has high DPS, it’s better suited for PvE missions.

How to get Microcosm Exotic Trace Rifle

As with other weapons, you must first complete the Final Shape campaign. After, and as in the case with Still Hunt, you need to return to the old Tower, take the Destined Heroes quest and complete Queens, Part I.


After fulfilling the above conditions, return to Lost City and talk to the Micah-10 hologram. You will receive a chain of Convalescence quests from her, which all need to be completed.

Each quest, except the last one, is simple and designed to show off new mechanics in The Pale Heart.

Convalescence: Budding

The final mission of the Convalescence quest chain features three modified missions from the Final Shape campaign. Their main feature is completing each mission in Cooperative Focus mode. You can complete the missions in any order.

You will need at least one more player to complete these missions, but we recommend getting a full Fireteam. Due to the nature of the gameplay, you can’t complete these missions solo, so invite your friends and use LFG or Fireteam Finder. The description also says that the missions are intended for the 2005 Power Level but can be completed even if your level is lower.

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As you progress through these missions, you will encounter three modifiers:

Let’s take a closer look at these modifiers.


In this modifier, you will again encounter Berserkers from the Scourge of the Past raid. To defeat them, one team member must shoot at their weak point from the front and the other at their weak point from the back. The key point is that you must shoot simultaneously, so this modifier cannot be completed solo.

After defeating the Berserkers, you will have to find two Darkness Cruxs and shoot them at the same time. For synchronization to succeed, you should find both Darkness Cruxs in advance. If your Fireteam fails to do this, the Darkness Cruxs’ protective shields will be restored, and the Berserkers will have to be killed again.


In this modifier, one random player receives a Glyphtouched buff, which allows them to interact with symbols but not see them. Therefore, communication is also essential in this mission so the rest of Fireteam can tell the Glyphtouched player which symbols to activate.

Fractured by the Witness

For this modifier, it’s especially important that you have a full Fireteam of three players. A Fracture debuff is applied to one random player, which grows every few seconds. Upon reaching x10 debuff, the affected player will die. To prevent this, starting with an x7 debuff, another player can take over the debuff.

In this modifier, teamwork and timely assistance to your teammates are essential. The fact is that with an x7 debuff, the afflicted player slows down and can’t use movement abilities, which can be crucial in some parts of the quest that involve platforming.


Now you know how to get the Microcosm Exotic Trace Rifle. This Kinetic rifle will be especially useful for Prismatic builds. You can also read our other guides and find out how to get Exotic Class Items or Ergo Sum Exotic Sword.

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