How to Get High-Stat Armor in Destiny 2

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Every Guardian knows that dressing well is cool, but it’s best to have armor that will help you out in a difficult situation. All game veterans know that in Destiny 2, a high-stat armor farm is very important. Every player should first check out all the armor they have in their inventory. During your adventures, you might be fortunate to receive a high-stat gear with a resilience spike.

Unfortunately, not everyone knows where such armor can generally fall out with a 100% chance. Beginners often focus random gear pieces and waste resources on armor with poor stat distribution, which can sometimes be frustrating. Don’t worry, we are making this guide for the purposeful and inquisitive Guardians that don’t want to make those missteps. You will learn all the most important things about avoiding more mistakes with focus and where to get high-stat armor in Destiny 2.

Before reading, it’s crucial to understand that armor with high Resilience is the most relevant right now, as it reduces the damage you take up to 40%. After that, you can prioritize other stats but consider the class you’re playing on. In most cases, we recommend choosing between Recovery, Discipline, and Strength. Mobility is the most useless of all stats, but it plays a significant role for Hunters. With that out of the way, let’s continue!

Legend Dares of Eternity

Let’s start our list with one of the easiest and, most importantly, free way to get good gear in Destiny 2. During the Bungie 30th Anniversary Event, an activity called Dares of Eternity was released. The players immediately fell in love with it because of the good loot, as well as the various stages. Dares of Eternity has a Legend difficulty which, while not providing extra loot at the end, can reward players with high-stat armor. Keep in mind that such armor will not drop from chests for Lighting Rounds. Of course, there are also disadvantages to such a simple method — you will have to look for five guardians. However, with the help of Destiny 2 Companion, this will not be so difficult.

Seasonal Focusing

An obvious thing for some, but only several Guardians realize that you can also get great armor through umbral focusing. In particular, it’s a pretty easy way to get high-stat armor in Destiny 2 for solo players. We should immediately warn you that this method will be irrelevant when Lightfall comes out. But now, use this chance to prepare for the upcoming expansion.

We also recommend only focus armor of Season of the Risen and Haunted. As practice shows that perfect armor drops there. Remember, for this, you need to farm the necessary Umbral Energy and insert Resilience Armorer, Discipline Armorer, or other mods on stats into the ghost. With their help, you are guaranteed to get +10 to your desired stat.

Pit of Heresy

Although this Dungeon was released a very long time ago, it does not cease to be relevant. This is quite strange, because the weapons from there are not unique. The thing is, after killing the last boss, you are guaranteed to obtain high-stat armor. However, the main problem with this method is that in order to farm efficiently, you need to wait until this Dungeon is in Rotation.

Master Dungeons

This method can be considered the most difficult of all of the above, but the thing is, you will receive more than just another high-stat armor. Your reward will be Artifice high-stat armor! What is the difference? Before Lightfall, Artifice armor had a particular slot where you could insert Mods from Artifact. However, with the new DLC, it will become even better because now you can get a +3 bonus to any stat. So this method can be safely considered the best way to get good armor for Lightfall.

During Season of the Seraph, you can launch Spire of the Watcher on Master Difficulty anytime. But to be able to run Grasp of Avarice or Duality Master Difficulty, you need to wait until they are in Rotation. Because of this, we recommend that you farm Spire of the Watcher, but if you get tired of this Dungeon, you can safely move on to other Master Dungeons.

D2 Armor Picker

Finally, it is worth discussing a site that will help you correctly use all the armor pieces in Destiny 2 that you will receive from the above sources. You’ll need to sign in with your Bungie account to get started.

On the site, you will find a rather pleasant interface in which it will be difficult to get confused. In the “Select the stats you want to achieve” tab, you select the stats you need accordingly. Below you will find the “Exotic” tab, where you can choose the desired Exotic armor for your Build. “Armor limitation” and “Desired Mod and Skills selection” will allow you to flexibly manage the necessary stats and consider your Fragments and Mods. And you can see the result of your search in the corresponding tab.

It is worth noting that the D2 armor picker supports the functions of the Destiny Item Manager, which we wrote about earlier. You can copy the filter to find the desired armor, or directly Open Loadout in DIM. There’s also a feature where the site automatically puts gear on your Guardian, but it’s still in beta.

And these are all places where you are guaranteed to drop high-stat gear. There are few of them, but they are all very effective. Someone may wonder where Pinnacle Rewards, Trials of Osiris, or Master Raids are. Regardless, no one promises you to get the best armor right away from there. There is only a chance that they will drop from there, and all the methods above more than help you with gear farming. Otherwise, we hope this best armor stats in Destiny 2 guide will be helpful to you, and you will tell your friends about it. Check out our other Destiny articles, like which weapons you should craft before Lightfall. And as always…

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