How to Get Final Warning in Destiny 2 Guide

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Destiny 2: Lightfall introduced quite a few exotic weapons that are not always clear how to get. One of such weapons is the Sidearm named Final Warning, and in today’s guide, we’ll help you unlock it. Untangle the Strand’s web, and it’s time to find this weapon!


Bungie has gone to great lengths to make this weapon hard to get. To unlock it, you must obtain all Strand Upgrades for one class. How to do it? It’s simple: farm Strand Meditations.

You can obtain them in the following ways:

Once you have unlocked all Fragments, Aspects, and Grenades, the quest to get the Sidearm will finally become available. All you have to do is complete a small quest requiring you to talk with Nimbus and then go to the Veil Containment location.

Of course, the Shadow Legion will be waiting for you there. The last opponent will drop Shadow Legion Orders. Pick it up, and go to the opposite part of the map to Typhon Imperator. There will be some Cabal along with the Tormentor Boss, which you will need to get rid of. After dealing with them, visit the Pouka Pond in the Hall of Heroes. Skip through the dialogue, and complete Osiris’s training program in 5 minutes 30 seconds. Once you’ve completed this easy mission, head back to the Pouka Pond for your Exotic Sidearm.


The main tip related to Strand Meditations is: you can get them in Terminal Overload. Many content creators have already discussed this, but you can launch this activity on the map to get right off the bat to the final boss or the chests occasionally. If you are lucky and find yourself in this situation, then after opening both chests, immediately leave the location on your sparrow. As soon as you find yourself in another patrol zone (shown by the inscription on the left side of the screen), drive back. This way, you can open one of the chests again and get bonus loot like Neomuna weapons.


Although homing shots may seem like this Sidearm’s main feature, but they are ineffective in PvE. Thanks to Bungie, this Exotic has a perk called Pick Your Poison that increases critical hit damage to marked targets. Because of this trait, Final Warning can deal massive damage and quickly obliterate Major Enemies. In addition, hitting a marked target with a fully charged burst will unravel them, which is a nice bonus for Strand Builds. Guardians have noticed that Final Warning performs very well in PvP. It easily defeats opponents and somewhat reminds the community of the Smart Pistol from Titanfall. Still, it might seem more busted and is more suitable for beginners who are new to the Crucible on consoles or even PC.

And that’s the entire Final Warning Guide we’ve specifically put together for you. These tips will help you smoothly get that Exotic Sidearm and then brag about it to your friends. In addition, we recommend reading our other guide on how to get Vexcalibur, the new secret Glaive currently found in Destiny 2. Need more time to farm and are tired of doing the same activities? Please take advantage of our Final Warning Service, where our professional will farm this Sidearm for you in the shortest time possible!

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