Destiny 2 Ergo Sum: God Roll and How to Get

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Get ready to learn how to get Ergo Sum in The Final Shape with various tips and tricks!

How to get Ergo Sum in Destiny 2 The Final Shape

The Final Shape has brought us many exciting things. Players have already been able to delve into studying the Prismatic Subclass and start collecting the best Pale Heart weapons. However, in this guide, we will cover one of the most fascinating exotic swords in the game, namely Ergo Sum. You will learn in detail about all the possible ways to obtain Ergo Sum, as well as all the features of Ergo Sum with its god roll. So, let’s get right into this!

Ergo Sum Overview

How to Farm Ergo Sum

Ergo Sum is the first-ever Special Sword in Destiny’s history with random rolls. You can change almost anything on it: Frame, Exotic Trait, and even Damage Type. Regardless, one perk is fixed, and that is Transcendent Duelist. As the name suggests, it is directly linked to Prismatic and provides the following bonuses:

Ergo Sum Frames

Ergo Sum has five different Frames, each of which significantly changes the gameplay with this sword:

The most attention-grabbing is, of course, the Wave Sword Frame, which we haven’t seen before. Its Heavy Attack launches a powerful wave forward, lifting the Guardian into the air. If the Guardian uses Swing during this, it creates a homing strike that seeks a target.

Ergo Sum All Exotic Traits

Ergo Sum Exotic Traits can also easily change the gameplay with this sword, and you have eight to choose from, inspired by other popular Exotics:

Among these eight Exotic Traits, the most interesting is Wolfpack Rounds, as it can significantly boost Sword DPS in a large Fireteam. Other options are certainly no worse, and we recommend trying each Trait.

How to Get Ergo Sum in Destiny 2

Ergo Sum God Roll

You will have to complete the Destined Heroes quest to obtain Ergo Sum, which you will get after completing the campaign. Although it is quite lengthy, you will meet familiar characters and learn a lot about The Final Shape Story. You will receive Ergo Sum exotic sword at the final step, but it’ll be just one of many rolls.

How to farm Ergo Sum in Destiny 2? There are three methods:

In the first case, you can get a maximum of two Ergo Sum Rolls per week, one sword for each completed Path. In the second one, there are no limitations, and you can farm this activity as much as you want, although it can take quite some time.

Earn Ergo Sum God Roll Today

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How to get Ergo Sum Catalyst in Destiny 2

Ergo Sum Catalyst can be obtained by completing the Excision mission on Grandmaster difficulty. This catalyst grants the sword the Transcendent Steel perk, which allows Ergo Sum to earn ammo by dealing damage with a Transcendent Grenade!

Ergo Sum God Roll Recommendations

The best Blade and Guard are Jagged Edge and Swordmaster’s Guard, and we advise aiming for only those. As for Traits and Frames, for team play, the best roll would be Wolfpack Rounds with Lightweight or Aggressive Frames.

Is it worth obtaining Ergo Sum?

As cliché as it may sound, you must get Ergo Sum sword. You have an incredibly large number of opportunities to create not only one of the most powerful swords but also one of the best exotics in Destiny 2. Ergo Sum in Destiny 2 is a must-have weapon to help you in both PvE and PvP.

Final Words on How to Obtain Ergo Sum in Destiny 2

Ergo Sum is a magnificent sword, and you should pray to the RNG gods for a perfect roll. This Ergo Sum guide’s only purpose is to help you understand why it’s good and why you should have it. We recommend staying patient and calling friends to make the process less tedious. If it becomes too difficult, you might want to try using The Final Shape services, where you can get this sword in any desired quantity. You will save a huge amount of time and can immediately have fun with this weapon!

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