Get Two New Emblems at the Biggest Sale in Bungie Store

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Get Two New Emblems at the Biggest Sale in Bungie Store

We all love collecting emblems in Destiny 2, and each of us desires to obtain the rarest ones to some extent. However, now you have a chance to acquire two new emblems, one of which has the potential to become one of the rarest!

Bungie’s biggest sale of the year is starting soon! Beginning on November 24 at 11:59 PM (EST) or November 25 at 5:59 AM (CET), you can snag many items for a bargain with a flat rate shipping of just $7 in the US, UK, and EU. What’s more, retired Bungie Rewards will return, so take advantage of this opportunity. And with the purchase of any item, you’ll receive two new emblems worth noting!

One of these emblems, Darkstar, will only be obtainable during the sale, and we recommend collectors receive it before it’s too late. The second emblem is Wishing Well, and it’ll be available for any purchase in the Bungie Store during the Season of the Wish.

Bungie Store’s largest sale of 2023 will end on December 1 at at 11:59 PM (EST) or December 2 at 5:59 AM (CET). Remember that you can also snag a third emblem named Space Witch, which is given during the Season of the Witch until November 28.

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