Destiny 2: Everything About Festival of The Lost 2023

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festival of the lost 2023

October has arrived, and that means it’s time to face all your past nightmares face to face with Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost!

The annual autumn event has returned to delight players mid-season, and, as always, there is something for all Guardians to do. For this occasion, we have prepared a new guide for the upcoming celebration of both the living and the dead. Here, you’ll find all the information about activities, rewards, when the event ends, and, of course, how to participate. So, sit back comfortably because the ghosts of the past do not like to wait!

What is the Destiny 2 Festival of The Lost 2023?

Likely, much of what you’ll experience during this event will already be familiar, as it closely resembles the real Halloween in October. Guardians recall the dangers they faced in the past and laugh in their faces, wearing masks of various characters and eating candy to honor the souls of fallen friends for a couple of weeks.

Ada Levante
Source: Bungie

Of course, during Destiny 2 Halloween, players have to face nightmarish creatures, from which you can obtain a bunch of candy and valuable loot. Before departing, visit Eva Levante at the Tower, who patiently waits for you and offers you an event mask.

When Does Festival of the Lost End 2023?

Festival of the Lost will last exactly three weeks and will end on November 7th. Check your calendar and hurry to grab everything you can!

This Year Festival of the Lost Activities

As in the past two years, D2 players again have to visit Haunted Lost Sectors. It can be launched using the icon located on The Tower Map. The premise of this activity is very straightforward and easy to understand for everyone:

Festival of the Lost Lost Sector
Source: Bungie

However, the developers have left a small surprise this year because Haunted Lost Sectors will now have Legend Difficulty. In it, as in all other activities, you’ll get more rewards, which we’ll talk about a bit later.

Remember to wear a special Mask during Destiny 2 Halloween 2023 because you’ll receive most of the rewards once you are dressed appropriately!

How to get Candy in the Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost 2023?

Regarding rewards, one of the main currencies in FotL (Festival of the Lost) are Candies. You must engage in activities while wearing a Mask to start earning them. You can also obtain them instantly at the Tower, specifically on two trees located near Eva and Ikora. In total, you could make about 800 Candies per character, which is quite a lot. They can be spent to focus entirely on new engrams, which will be discussed in the following section.

How to get Eerie Engrams in the Festival of the Lost?

To make FotL even more rewarding, Bungie added a brand-new currency called Eerie Engrams. They’ll drop upon completion of Haunted Sectors with a certain chance. You must pass the Legend Version of this Activity to get a guaranteed engram.

As is fitting for engrams, they can be focused to get specific loot. Unfortunately, Exotic Engrams cannot give you Armor from Lightfall Year. Focusing will be available from Eva Levante, and you’ll have six different options:

In general, as you already understood, the main currency for focusing during the Destiny Festival of The Lost 2023 is Candies, so you’ll have to save quite a lot of them.

How to get Pages in the Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost 2023?

While completing the Festival of the Lost quest, you might encounter Spectral and Manifested Pages. What are they, how to get them, and why are they needed? We’ll sort that out now.

First, you’ll need to acquire Spectral Pages, for which you must go through various Activities with a Mask on. After that, head to Haunted Lost Sectors, where you’ll have to defeat Headless Ones. You’ll convert one Spectral into a Manifested Page from every destroyed Headless One. Don’t exit the activity early, as you are required to complete it to the end!

Where to spend the earned Manifested Pages? With them, you have the capability to unlock Shrouded Pages in the Book of the Forgotten, located to the right of Eva Levante. To achieve the Title, you must open all the pages in Vol.3, but we’ll discuss this later.

How to get Memento in the Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost 2023?

A year and a half later, Guardians will finally get their hands on brand-new Memento! Its main feature is that it makes your weapon completely black. It’ll only be available during the Festival Of The Lost Event Destiny 2, so we advise you to hurry up!

You may obtain it either by opening or focusing Eerie Engrams or by completing a mysterious triumph called Twilight. The goals you need to achieve are hidden from you, but we are ready to help you with this:

Festival of the Lost Momento
Source: Bungie

Festival of the Lost Weapons Overview

Moving to the sweetest part, specifically the weapons that can be obtained this time. This year, four weapons are available to grind, each of which may appeal to you to one degree or another. Take your time and consider which one suits you best.

Horror Story

horror story

The good old Precision Auto Rifle revisits us during D2 Halloween 2023, but this time without its brother, Braytech Werewolf. Fortunately, it’s easy to come to terms with this because the Horror Story has excellent Perks to utilize any content!

First of all, let’s touch on PvP since Auto Rifles are in demand nowadays. Dynamic Sway Reduction, improving Stability and Accuracy with every perfect shot, has long been considered one of the best perks for Auto Rifles, so its presence here is not surprising. Target Lock or Cascade Point can easily surprise you when using them. The first perk makes Horror Story more forgiving and even reduces TtK against some Guardians. Cascade Point is both strong and fun as it increases RPM if you destroy an enemy from another weapon.

Up next, we should discuss PvE. If you are a fan of Stasis, which will receive many Buffs next season, then you should not miss it. Why? All because of the combination of Demolitionist + Headstone, which is extremely rare. Recall that the first perk gives 10% Grenade Energy after each Final Blow, and the second spawns a Stasis Crystal after a Precision takedown. Few people know that due to this combination, finishes from a Stasis Crystal, created with the assistance of Horror Story, also gives Grenade Energy. Frenzy and Adrenaline Junkie will be an excellent replacement if you play on other Subclasses.

In general, it is one of the main must-haves in the Destiny 2 Halloween event 2023.

Jurassic Green

Jurassic Green
Source: Bungie

Who would have thought that one of the worst Pulse Rifles would get some of the best perks for all activities? 

Are you looking to get a good PvP weapon or something to use with your Solar Build? Jurassic Green can easily satisfy your requests. Let’s quickly discuss the Crucible, as you won’t find better perks than Keep Away and Headseeker on Pulse Rifles. With them, you’ll almost always not only have a +10 range, +30 reload speed, and improved accuracy but also the capability to increase your damage when hitting the body.

The situation with PvE is much more interesting. With the new Heal Clip, you’ll be practically immortal, as it’ll heal you upon finishing a reload after the Final Blow from this weapon. In the 4th column, you have three remarkable perks:

Everyone may find a perk to their liking, so don’t be afraid to experiment!

Since Pulse Rifles will get a buff in PvE in Season 23, we advise you to manage to farm Jurassic Green during the D2 Festival of The Lost 2023.

Acosmic GSP

new festival of the lost weapon
Source: Bungie

The new gun this time is a Heavy Grenade Launcher called Acosmic GSP. Unfortunately, it turned out to be extremely mediocre, and there is no point in using it. The best this GL can offer you are Field Prep, Explosive Light, and Cascade Point, which are far from unique perks for this type of weapon. In addition to all this, Acosmic GSP has a Rapid-Fire Frame, which is worse than the Adaptive one in everything.


Source: Bungie

As soon as this Festival of the Lost Sniper came to light, it immediately became clear that we have one of the best Sniper Rifles for the Crucible in front of us. 

Mechabre has good stats, excellent perks, and, of course, a beautiful look and sound. The PvP God Roll here is extremely obvious, as it has a combination of Snapshot Sights and Opening Shot. In terms of use in PvE, although it has good perks, we do not recommend farming it for this, as there are alternative options that are stronger and much easier to receive.

Festival of the Lost Event Card and Title

As always, to complete the Title, you will need to finish the Event Card, or rather the Challenges available there. With the event’s release, we added all the relevant information about it.

After finishing all triumphs, you can buy event card and receive one of the new Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost Packages containing: Vampiric Pose and Imprecise Snack emotes, Sugary Staple sparrow, and the Roseate Gleam shader, Confection Shell ghost, Sugar Rush transmat, and Cobwebbed projection. 

Event Card Festival of the Lost

Of course, you can obtain glided seal. In order to get it, you have to complete these triumphs:

Cosmetic Items in Festival of the Lost 2023: Armor Sets, Finisher, Sparrow, and more

In addition to weapons, the FotL event constantly delights us with excellent gear sets and other cosmetics that can be obtained here. We’ll describe everything you can get this year.

This year’s Destiny 2 Halloween Armor is dedicated to the scariest insects. In the vote, Hunters and Titans voted for spider looks, while Warlocks decided to stand out and choose a beetle as their costume.

Source: Bungie

Of course, not everyone may like the insect theme, and then you can still buy last year’s sets, such as armor themed after mechs, dinosaurs, skeletons, and more.

As always, we’ll be the first to look at the most interesting items, some of which can be obtained for free for Bright Dust during the event:

Two Ships: Extra-Terrestrial Vehicle and Fairytale Flight

Two Sparrows: The Mourner and Stygian Steed

Two Ghosts: Spinneret Shell and Heart-Powered Shell

One Finisher: Bashing Pumpkins

Bashing Pumpkins

Four Emotes: Pumpkin Carving, Accurized Sun, Skeletal Dance and Zombie Shuffle

Two Masks: Disciple and Good Boy Mask

Final Words

That’s all you need to know about this scary event in the MMO shooter. If you still have questions, feel free to ask them in the comments, where we will try to answer them. Remember, even if you don’t have time to farm this activity, you can ask for help using Festival of the Lost Services from Wowvendor. Your character under management of pros will complete all quests independently, saving you time!

Thanks for Reading! Owl is Flying Away.

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