Bungie: Biggest Echoes: Act 3 Exotic Mission coming soon

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The upcoming episode, Echoes: Act 3 Exotic Mission, is on the horizon, and Bungie says it will be one of the biggest and grandest ever!

Echoes: Act 3 Exotic Mission

In his interview with GamesRadar, Destiny 2’s Game Director Robbie Stevens revealed that while Act 2 introduces Guardians to activities that will take them deeper into Nessus, Act 3 will also surprise them massively. Thanks to the new approach and the sheer volume of content it allows them to focus on, the Exotic Mission arriving in Echoes: Act 3 will be one of the biggest Bungie has ever made.

Following The Final Shape, Bungie has introduced a new seasonal storytelling setup with Episodes, each consisting of three Acts. While some members of the Destiny 2 community may not have noticed notable differences compared to previous Seasons, this new episode method let the Developers focus on the story and create such a big Exotic Mission. It has also allowed Nessus to expand, making it more dynamic and evolving. This would not have been possible earlier, as Stevens explains.

As our journey continues, with Echoes: Act 2 releasing on July 16 and Act 3 on August 27, 2024, many fellow Guardians hope that the upcoming Echoes Exotic mission will have no timer like it was with Dual Destiny. Let’s agree that it is pretty nerve-wracking to feel rushed, so taking your time and exploring the surroundings at your own pace is fine. 

Some Guardians emphasized the importance of creating an immersive experience. They suggested adding a timer for optional rewards while removing any timers to allow players to progress through missions without time limits or mandatory co-op mechanics.
These ideas sound sensible, and since there is still time before the release of the next two acts, we hope that Bungie will listen to players and consider these ideas to provide a better gaming experience.

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