Destiny 2 x Dungeon & Dragons Collaboration Announced

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Get ready to dive into the world of Dungeon and Dragons right in Destiny 2! The new Destiny 2 collaboration with DnD will delight everyone!

Destiny 2 x Dungeon & Dragons Collaboration Announced

Today, Bungie announced the next collaboration that players can expect upon the release of The Final Shape. We previously enjoyed collaborations with The Witcher, Mass Effect, and Ghostbusters, and now it’s time for Dungeons and Dragons!

Destiny 2 and DnD Collab Items

Currently, it’s known that players will be able to purchase all items only in Eververse. You will have a selection of new finisher, ornaments, emote, sparrow, ship, and ghost. Let’s take a look at each:

Dungeon and Dragons Armor Set

Each class will receive a set associated with one of the creatures in DnD. Titans will get the Apex Draconic set, Hunters will get the Spectral Displacer set, and Warlocks will have the Flayer’s Dominion set. Take a look at them:

Adventurer’s Pack Bundle

Players will be able to purchase a cosmetic bundle that includes three items. This bundle includes a Queen of Dragons ship, the Owlbear Chariot Sparrow, and the Eye Tyrant Ghost shell.

Dungeon and Dragons Finisher and Emote

Finally, the last items that can be purchased are the Bigby’s Fist finisher and the Natural 20 emote. An interesting fact is that the emote will represent a completely random dice roll.

Dungeon and Dragons Emblem in Destiny 2

The final surprise is an emblem, similar to the Witcher emblem, which will likely be given for completing some triumph.

Bungie Store Dungeon and Dragons Exclusive Item

We’ve discussed everything about the game itself, but what about items you can purchase in real life? This refers to a Beholder Ghost shell vinyl figure, which you can buy via this link.

Final Words

So, what do you think about these items? Will you be buying them or saving your precious Silver for other things? Tell us in the comments!

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