Bungie Fans Are Demanding Destiny 3 after The Final Shape

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Players Want Destiny 3

It seemed that the storm of the Bungie scandal was subsiding, but the Destiny Community chose a different path. In the last 24 hours, Destiny 3 became a Twitter (X) trend due to a considerable number of posts calling for Bungie to finally let go of Destiny 2 and start afresh with a new game. But what exactly started this trend?

Players Want Destiny 3

A day ago, Paul Tassi, a well-known Forbes journalist covering this franchise, released an article titled “The Answer, Unfortunately, Is Destiny 3”. In it, the journalist discusses how to rectify the whole sad situation around the studio and their franchise. The employees are depressed because of major Bungie layoffs, the team is divided over the development of Marathon and other projects, and the saga’s epic finale, The Final Shape, and the game itself are not in the best position. Bungie seems to have set an insurmountable goal for itself, and famous content creators are already unsure if there will be anything for Destiny 2 after TFS.


Paul Tassi sees the only way out — stop rejecting the idea of Destiny 3. It is the threequel that can fix problems with the inflexible and unstable engine, offer a unique and fresh experience in the form of a new galaxy with more classes and races, and solve numerous problems with the current title’s general foundation, such as the difficulty of immersion for new players. If the game is further developed after TFS, the current problems of D2 will not go away. They’ll become increasingly troublesome, especially with the next saga, which could last another ten years.

Developing a new game will give developers a chance to rest from the annual/quarterly content grind and will allow them not to worry about deadlines. In his opinion, all internal teams will be able to create absolutely new content without constantly reviving the old. They might try relying on Sony to give them time to develop a higher-quality product.

After reading this material, many fans and even content creators agreed with the author’s stance.


At the same time, there were also many other thoughts. Some users see a history’s recurrence with the original Destiny, others do not see how a threequel could fix the current issues, and some believe that Bungie should continue to develop D2.


The audience is divided in opinion, but everyone agrees that The Final Shape must be better than not just The Witch Queen but even Forsaken and The Taken King. Even the developers at Bungie understand this and want to achieve it, as Paul has already examined in another article.


However, as of now, no one at Bungie is making a new game, and we have already explained why Bungie is not making Destiny 3. Last week’s events may change everything, but only time will tell.

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