Destiny 3 Is in Development and Destiny 2 Pantheon Is Leaked

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Something happened that no one expected: Destiny 3 is in development. Additionally, Destiny 2 Pantheon got leaked.

Destiny 3 Is In Development

Today, Bungie held The Final Shape presentation, revealing many details about the new expansion. You can check out the developers’ stream recap if you missed it. However, we’re here for some significant Destiny 2 leaks, and oh boy, are they intriguing.

Destiny 3 Leak

Yes, you heard right: Destiny 3 is indeed in (or was in) development. Reddit User 32638272187, who wrote credible information about the Prismatic Subclass a month before the TFS presentation, also shared information regarding the third part of our favorite game.

Destiny 3 Leak

It should be taken with a grain of salt, as even the user is unsure about Destiny 3’s current state. Nonetheless, considering Destiny 2’s present condition and the fact that everyone is asking for Destiny 3, Bungie might listen to the public in the coming years.

Destiny 2 Pantheon Leak

Pantheon represents a Raid Boss Gauntlet in which you have to complete four Challenges, each containing a Boss Fight from Different Raids. There will be four Pantheon Challenges:

If, at first, you have to fight just four bosses, then in the case of Nezarec, you’ll have to face eight Encounters. You can see it in the picture below if you want to learn more about what awaits you.

Destiny 2 Pantheon

Each Pantheon Challenge will reward you with a unique emblem, each displaying the boss you will face at the end.

Destiny 2 Pantheon Emblems

As for the other rewards for this activity, you will most likely be able to choose an Exotic weapon from the Raids featured in The Pantheon. If you have not been able to get Touch of Malice, Eyes of Tomorrow, Collective Obligation, or Conditional Finality, then this will be a perfect opportunity to rectify that. Besides, you’ll be able to get Adept Weapons from Raids for achieving a high score, so you’ll have to work hard for that.

Destiny 2 Pantheon Leak

Surprisingly, that’s not all, as Pantheon will have its own Title. It’ll be called Godslayer. However, we still need to learn how to obtain it.

Final Shape

Well, that’s all we know about these leaks. It might seem like a little, but now we know about the existence of Destiny 3 and what Pantheon entails. Maybe Bungie will soon reveal their hand, but for now, we recommend you enjoy the latest update. We suggest evaluating the best Into the Light weapons before diving into the new content!

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