Destiny 2 Locked Armor Mod: Questions about “Free-to-Play”

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Destiny 2 Locked Armor Mod: Questions about "Free-to-Play"

DestinyTracker, a prominent Destiny 2 community hub, recently shed light on a locked armor mod. Thus, raising questions about the game’s proclaimed “free-to-play” nature. 

Destiny 2 has encountered a series of setbacks in recent times. Cheating controversy. Server issues. And, of course, Bungie’s controversial approach to monetization. Many players have even come to label Destiny 2 as a microtransaction hell

Their concerns are not unfounded, particularly in light of the latest developments. As pointed out by DestinyTracker, a peculiar armor mod is locked behind a discreet paywall. It’s not overtly presented to the Guardians. Rather, it’s embedded within a set of requirements that eventually lead up to gamers having to purchase the Season Pass.

Bungie has responded to the situation. They stated that they didn’t mean to keep the armor mod away from those who don’t own the Lightfall expansion or the Season Pass. And thus, the development team is actively working to remove the Rank requirement.

Despite Bungie’s explanation, the community remains unconvinced. They suspect that the mod’s exclusion was not a mere oversight.

Currently, Bungie has not provided any additional response regarding the ongoing controversy. 

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