How To Beat Destiny 2’s King’s Fall Raid: Golgoroth Encounter

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Good job, Guardians, we’re already halfway through the raid. Let’s gear up for the Golgoroth fight.

Hi everyone, and welcome to the third guide in our exclusive series on one of the most-awaited raid comebacks in Destiny 2. Before jumping into the Golgoroth fight, make sure you’ve read through the first and second parts of our King’s Fall series. In case you already have, let’s not waste any more time and delve into the raid’s third encounter right away.

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The encounter kicks off when you shoot a floating orb in the center of the arena long enough to break it. It’ll trigger Golgoroth to spawn along with a ton of adds, so get ready to spray some shots. While getting rid of those adds, keep a close eye on the boss as well. When the second floating orb shows up, a crit spot will open up on Golgoroth’s back, and that’ll be one of the most crucial parts of the boss mechanic.

Source: Bungie

You’ll need two teams: the Taunt Team of two Guardians and the Damage Team of the remaining four.

Players from the Taunt team will need to constantly distract the boss by shooting him in the back and getting the Golgoroth’s Gaze buff. The buff makes the boss focus solely on the person who holds it, leaving the rest of the squad alone. The Gaze holder will have to keep the boss occupied, dodging or shooting the darts that he sends after them all the time. Another Guardian on the Taunt Team should be ready to step in, as the buff is timed and has to be rotated to keep Golgoroth’s attention for as long as possible and give the Damage Team more time to act.

In the meantime, the Damage Team breaks another floating sphere. There’ll be a glowing pool of light on the ground where the sphere used to hang, and that’s the exact location you’ll need to fire from. If the boss is distracted by the Gaze buff holder, the second crit spot will open up on his belly. That’s where you have to aim your shots to damage and eventually kill Golgoroth.

As long as the Taunt Team does their job well, juggling the Gaze buff and distracting the boss, players in the damage pool will have enough time to attack. Just keep in mind that the Taunt Team has to rotate in a way that the Damage Team always faces the crit spot. They can attack only from a specific place, so if there’s no access to the boss’s belly, their attacks will simply go to waste.

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If you think that the Damage Team is just standing in one place and doing pew-pew at the boss, you could not be more wrong. Golgoroth is considered to be one of the most mechanically-heavy Kings Fall bosses for a reason. First off, there’s an Unstable Light debuff, randomly put on one of the players in the damage pool. This debuff causes the holder to blow up, killing everyone nearby but staying in one piece themself. As soon as they get the debuff, the Unstable player needs to run as far away as they can from their teammates, preferably somewhere close to groups of adds to kill a bunch of them with an explosion. Then, they get back into the pool of light and help others to pour as much damage as they can into the boss’s crit spot.

Next up, there’s the damage pool issue. The thing is that those glowing spots on the ground dry out and disappear with time. When that happens, the Damage Team needs to shoot down another floating sphere and create one more damage pit to keep hitting that crit spot. The Taunt Team must handle their buff-juggling duties all the same.

Source: Bungie

Oh, and one more important note! There’s a totem on the arena that fills up depending on how many floating spheres are left by the end of each damage phase. All in all, there are six spheres, spawning one after another and slowly regenerating if you stop shooting at them for a while. You really need to try to destroy them all, or at least most of them, as any unused sphere from the damage cycle will be added to the totem. When it maxes out, your team will wipe, so you better make sure you break as many as you can.

Keeping all that in mind, both Damage and Taunt teams have to do their jobs in sync, distracting and DPSing Golgoroth. After a while, a wave of Taken adds will spawn. Once you’ve dealt with them, a weak spot on Golgoroth’s back will open up again, so you’ll just have to repeat the whole mechanic until you finish him off for good.

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Thanks for reading, brave Guardians, and see you in our next guide!

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