Destiny 2 Joe Blackburn Shares Insight About Lightfall

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Destiny 2 Game Director, Joe Blackburn, has teased fans about an upcoming update of the title’s fifth major expansion, Lightfall. On his official Twitter, he shared a tiny note with his signature, stating that players can expect a lengthy post from him on February 13. It’ll give insight into the latest expansion and the year ahead.

What he has to reveal is expected to hold as much information as past “State of Destiny” posts. Usually, they include some reflection on the past year, what’s happened, and what Bungie has learned. They may also provide an overview of the studio’s future plans and build up excitement for what’s to come.

Bungie has confirmed that Destiny 2 will continue beyond 2023, with at least one more chapter planned after Lightfall’s release. As of now, it’s not clear what Blackburn will share asides from the number of words. Thus, we still need to wait and see.


Here comes an in-detail article about what awaits you in the upcoming expansion by Joe Blackburn himself.

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