Destiny 2: Incoming ‘Necrotic Grip’ for Titan and Hunter

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Destiny 2: Incoming 'Necrotic Grip' for Titan and Hunter

The most recent TWID has brought exciting news for Titan and Hunter mains. Bungie has confirmed that said two classes will soon have their own version of the popular Warlock’s Necrotic Grip

The Necrotic Grip first debuted in the Beyond Light expansion. Since then, it has been a prized possession in Warlocks’ arsenal. With its lethal touch, the Necrotic Grip poisons enemies upon a single melee strike. If the foe survives, it will then pass on the toxin to nearby adversaries in a deadly chain reaction. And so, it’s incredibly useful for Warlocks to clear up a room packed with hostile mobs in a blink of an eye.


During their sandbox Q&A, Bungie revealed that they aim to replicate the success of said gauntlets with Titans and Hunters. They also affirmed that they want to maintain the Exotics’ rarity. It’s all to preserve the special connection between the powerful gear.

Q: Are there any plans for more Exotic armor interactions with Exotic weapons, like Necrotic Grip has with the Weapons of Sorrow?

A: We feel these special connections between Exotics are best when they are rare and a little bit hidden. That being said, we would like to add more of them to the game, especially for Hunters and Titans. Keep an eye out for the future!

— Bungie

So, Guardians, what are your thoughts on this? Aren’t you excited about what’s to come? Let us know in the comments! 

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