Destiny 2: Bungie Added A Long-Awaited Weapon Upgrade

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Destiny 2: Bungie Added A Long-Awaited Weapon Upgrade

Destiny 2 players can rejoice as Bungie unveils exciting new weapon upgrades. The function has long been a shared dream in the community, and finally, with the arrival of Season of the Deep, it has been made a reality

Set to release on May 23, the latest season promises to bring over a plethora of exciting features. Among those, players can expect an upgraded version of the game’s weapon overview interface. Coming to Season 21, Guardians will have the ability to spin weapon models to get a better view of them from all angles. And it doesn’t stop there. This upgrade extends to ships as well. Thus, the chance has come for players to appreciate the intricacies of their designs.

Alongside the revamped interface, Bungie also mentioned enhancements to reticles at high FOV settings. Armaments like Fusion Rifle, Hand Cannon, Sidearm, and Trace Rifle have undergone substantial improvements. As for the others, the studio is also planning to update them in a similar way. So, players are in for an exciting future!

Speaking of an exciting future, rumors abound about the potential arrival of Destiny 3. For those seeking more information on this intriguing possibility, check out our article regarding the subject!

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