Destiny 2 Breach Executable issues will be fixed next week

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It’s exciting news, Guardians! In a June 27 X/ Twitter post, Bungie announced that Destiny 2 Breach Executable issues will be fixed next week.

Destiny 2 Breach Executable issues

Breach Executable is a new seasonal arena activity where players must clear Vex by completing specific objectives throughout various arenas and then fighting a boss. Although it was supposed to be fun, many players feel frustrated due to Radiolite-skipping and design issues. 

When one player skips the Radiolite sample collection and advances to the next area, the rest of their team gets teleported as well, causing them to miss out on precious rewards and engage in a new encounter. This problem is exacerbated when playing with random teammates due to the lack of communication, which is why so many Guardians are complaining.

Fortunately, Bungie has heard player concerns and is taking steps to address them. The delay before teleportation will be extended, and the Radiolite sample collection will be made instant, ensuring you can keep pace with your fellow bustlers.

Furthermore, the Development Team wants to improve Planetary Piston Hammer charges, increasing their waypoint range for higher visibility. After the changes, your next Breach Executable runs will include two Planetary Pistons, giving you more time to gather all the Radiolite samples and earn extra loot at the mission’s end.

But that’s not the end! Due to player complaints about enemies dealing a lot of damage when affected by the Void Threat modifier, Bungie plans to remove it from the Expert difficulty of Breach Executable.

Also, there is a bug that’s preventing Guardians from finding the Specimen NES003 and completing the eponymous quest. Initially, this Research and Development 3 quest was intended for Week 4, but it’s currently bugged. However, the Developers have a fix in the works, and it is expected to be implemented with the next weekly reset on July 2. So, there is no need to worry!

In conclusion, we hope that players will not have to deal with any issues that worsen their gaming experience anymore and that Bungie will fix all these problems next week. We are looking forward to returning to our regular activities, trying out new things, and exploring new content, and Bungie’s help is a stepping stone in improving the overall Destiny 2 experience.

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