How to Get Dead Man’s Tale in Destiny 2 with the Catalyst

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With the release of Season of the Witch, the Exotic Mission Rotator was returned to the game, providing players with updated and, most importantly, craftable exotics. Among them was Dead Man’s Tale (DMT), which any player possessing Beyond Light or Season of the Chosen can obtain. Not to mention how stylish it looks (well, it’s Tex Mechanica, after all). Moreover, you can acquire the Dead Man’s Tale catalyst, but let’s take it one step at a time. Sit down as we are about to start discussing the updated weapon!

But there are also plenty of other interesting Exotics in the game, such as Monte Carlo, which recently received a Catalyst, or the famous Wish-Ender, which got a slightly modified quest. All these weapons are worth your attention and a place in the collection. Soon, we’ll tell you more about other guns from EMR, so stay tuned and follow our blog! 

Should I get the Dead Mans Tale Scout Rifle in Destiny 2?

What makes DMT so good that it had to be nerfed twice and even subjected to a complete rework? Thanks should be given not only to the unique archetype, found only on two Legendaries, but also to Exotic Perks, which completely change the gameplay on Dead Man’s Tale in Destiny 2.

Let’s start with the most critical weapon aspect, the Cranial Spike Perk. Every Precision Hit grants you an eponymous buff, which stacks up to 5 times. Each stack improves range and target acquisition, something that will never be redundant for Scout Rifles. But its bonuses don’t end there, as in PvE, this buff increases the damage from Dead Man’s Tale up to 16%.

This buff is directly related to the Catalyst called Dark-Forged Trigger. In addition to passively removing hip fire accuracy penalties and increasing RPM from the hip, it can even further increase the hip rate of fire when reaching 5x Cranial Spike.

Since you have the ability to craft DMT, you are likely to draw a great deal of attention towards acquiring the perfect Dead Man’s Tale God Roll. When it comes to PvP, we recommend the following traits:

But don’t forget about PvE, as this Exotic performs well in this mode! Barrels and Magazines can be chosen at your discretion, which is not the case for perks. We recommend taking a closer look at Rapid Hit (Precision Hits increased stability and reload speed), Shoot to Loot (Shooting Orb of Power or Ammo picks it up), or the good old Vorpal Weapon, which will come in handy against Champions.

How to Get Dead Man’s Tale in Season of the Witch

In order to get your hands on the Scout Rifle, all you have to do is wait for Presage to become accessible in the Exotic Mission Rotator, which happens every three weeks following Operation: Seraph Shield. As for the Dead Man’s Tale Deepsight Version, completing the mission on any difficulty will suffice, but keep in mind that adding Perks and Stocks to it won’t be a walk in the park. For this, you’ll have to complete Presage two more times, and the difficulty is still not important. After receiving Cranial Spike IV, you are finally able to fully customize this Rifle, choosing one of the numerous rolls. 

Dead Mans Tale Mission

Finishing the mission is straightforward and doesn’t require any hints. You’ll be impressed with how well it’s executed, and there aren’t any complicated mechanics like in the Seraph mission. We just wish you good luck in finishing it. However, we have a retelling of the quest below if you’re really interested.

How to Get Dead Man’s Tale Catalyst 

If you previously owned the Catalyst, it’ll be immediately available on your Craftable Dead Man’s Tale. In contrast, others will have to try because you’ll have to complete Legendary Presage to obtain it. Completing Presage can be challenging on this difficulty due to the presence of a timer and powerful enemies. Failing to finish the mission within the allotted time will result in having to start from the beginning.

Dead Man’s Tale Mission  — Retelling

Presage Exotic Misssion can be found in Legends playlist, which you can launch from the director. Now you have a goal to achieve. The activity is not time-limited, which means you can run it solo and take your time, but for faster runs, take your fireteam with you. With Osiris on comms providing tactical support, you’ll board the derelict vessel, floating lifeless in the anomaly space.

How to get Dead Mans Tale

Osiris will provide you with some info about the vessel you just boarded. He’ll mention that this should be a Cabal ship “Glycon” that disappeared several months ago near the Reef, as the ship matches its description and heading.

The puzzles on this mission are not obvious, but not as hard as they were in the Whisper of the Worm or The Outbreak missions. The corridors and mazes are easy to remember and kind of intuitive. But you can still get lost a bit.

As you move through the ship, it’s becoming clear that you are not alone here. You’ll hear scuttling, menacing growls but not the silence you could have expected from the ghost ship. The vessel itself is covered in strange flora and Darkness-infused spores. Osiris will mention that the spores are harmonizing with a nearby concentration of Darkness.

As you progress further, he’ll add: “There is no Light here”.

From Osiris, who is recovering some data, we’ll know that Emperor Calus was catching Scorn to study and use their Dark Ether, their connection to Darkness, for some reason. You’ll reveal that Calus was visiting the ship and made desperate attempts to make Darkness contact him again later. From the notes of Emperor’s scribe, Amsot, Osiris and The Guardian will learn more about the experiments. Scorn exposed to anomaly all suffered contiguous neuron death. The anomaly consumed their mind. All but one, who “spoke with many dead voices”. From the same documents, we’ll realize that Calus succeed in his attempts to establish a connection to Darkness. But it doesn’t speak through it. “A tragedy of silence”. And then it follows: “Even the Lightbearer could not coax it to awaken.”

In the end, you’ll face a giant Hangman, the one who survived Calus’ experiments. The Lokus of Communion. There will be a two-level location, with coolant switches on the first level and an otherwise hot area underneath. The boss spends most of the time underground, on the lowest level. There are three pits to the second level better to use different ones if you’re playing with your fireteam.

As you reach the carrier CIC, you’ll learn the Katabasis fate, the Guardian whose distress signal you’ve found and followed. Osiris then makes it clear that there are more things to discover on the vessel.

Final Words

After our article, hardly anyone will doubt this Scout Rifle and want to get it. With it, you’ll feel like a real cowboy who could easily handle a crowd of enemies and duels with Guardians. If you want to speed up the process and not waste time on farming, we recommend using our service, with which you’ll quickly get Dead Mans Tale D2.

Thanks for Reading! Owl is Flying Away and Huckleberry out.

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