Content Creators Tried The Final Shape: Here’s What We Know

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Popular content creators tried The Final Shape, and they revealed a lot of new details!

A few weeks ago, Bungie invited various gaming journalists and content creators, such as Datto and Aztecross, to try out the upcoming The Final Shape DLC. They revealed a lot of new and interesting information about forthcoming guns, Exotic armor, and more. Let’s take a look at the latest details of The Final Shape from content creators!

The Final Shape Launch Trailer

An hour before the release of videos and articles from those who played TFS, Bungie released the launch Trailer for TFS. In the trailer, you can see some details of what awaits us in the storyline and simply enjoy the cinematic experience that Bungie prepared for its fans.

Content Creators and Their Thoughts

In the new videos about The Final Shape, a treasure trove of details about the upcoming sandbox and Exotic items are unveiled. For instance, the perks of previously presented Exotic Armor pieces were meticulously detailed, such as Speaker’s Sight (a healing turret), Wishful Ignorance (a Strand Titan with Frenzied Blade and Banner of War upgrade), and Balance of Power (an enhancement for Threaded Specter that releases additional Threadlings).

Furthermore, it was revealed that the new Still Hunt Sniper Rifle can be combined with Nighthawk, while the Hazardous Propulsion Chest for Titan offers a 35% damage bonus for all Rockets (Rocket Launcher, Rocket Sidearm, etc.) for 10 seconds when rockets from the Class ability damage a target.

The videos below provide more details, but we now move on to what else Content Creators have shown us.

What Content Creators Leaked and Showed in Their Videos

Next, we will show you all the important moments from all the videos of Content Creators. Here, you will find screenshots of new armor and weapons, a destination map, and even more!

All The Final Shape Exotic Armor

All New Shown Exotic Weapons

The Pale Heart Destination Map

New Prismatic Fragments

The Pale Heart Mods

New Nightfall Weapon

Pale Heart Engram and World-Drop Sidearm

The Final Shape Origin Trait

Other Tidbits

Gamesradar Interview with Chris Proctor

As an additional bonus, Gamesradar published an interview with Chris Proctor, Destiny 2 weapons lead, and he revealed some interesting insights:

Final Words

And that’s all for today. Bookmark the release date of The Final Shape because it will be released next week on June 4. Remember that if you want to learn more about the upcoming DLC or the Prismatic subclass, we recommend checking out our article on what we know about The Final Shape and the Prismatic guide.

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