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The Season of the Deep has become a truly unique season for Destiny 2 players. We received a multitude of unusual activities and impressive mechanics, as well as a new public event — fishing. Yes, we all know it’s hard to imagine fishing in a looter shooter, but this activity fits perfectly into the game and is very useful for players. And if you’ve come across this Destiny 2 fishing guide, you’re interested in what it is and how to play it. So, take out your fishing rod, sit back, and let’s start the hunt!

What Is Fishing in Destiny 2 and Why Should I Do It?

Fishing Activity in Destiny 2 is not some kind of shooting range, as you might assume. That’s the most common fishing with tight timings and a lot of patience from the fisherman. To start this activity, fly to one of three locations: EDZ, Throne World, or Nessus; look on the map where the Fishing Spot is, and travel there.

You simply cast a line to begin the activity and wait until something hooks your bait, and then immediately manage to catch the fish; otherwise, it will escape. Everything is quite simple, and you can play even with one hand. The only thing is other sudden events that sometimes occur at the exact location as the Fishing Spot and can interrupt your peaceful business.

In any case, fishing in Destiny 2 Season of the Deep was added for a reason. By catching fish, you collect specimens for your aquarium at H.E.L.M. By bringing in them, you get a bunch of legendary weapons from the Season of the Deep. Moreover, the higher the rarity of the booty, the better the rewards will be for you, meaning that for an Exotic catch, you can get Exotic loot, like armor with good stats!

Fishing Destiny 2

Where and Which Is the Best Place for Me to Go Fishing?

Before going to this activity, you should farm as many baits as possible. Without bait, you won’t catch as many of them as you would like. You can obtain fishing bait in Destiny 2 by performing any seasonal activities, PvP, or missions in open locations, which is quite simple though time-consuming. You can collect up to 500 baits, so having the maximum number of them should be your priority.

Now you need to decide where to fish. There are several options: fly wherever you want or go to the place where you catch the best. For the other method, open your inventory where your Fishing Tackle is, which displays the number of caught fish, bait, and the weekly spots with the best chance for good loot. Fly there and spend your time more successfully.

One of the best fishing techniques in Destiny 2 is to remember to call your good old friends. Why? During the fishing, the Focused Fishing buff is active, increasing the rarity and frequency of fish drops. Its filling depends on the number of Legendary and Exotic specimens caught in one session. If the session was interrupted by a sudden event or you decided to fly away, the buff will disappear and go back to zero. For this reason, as soon as it fills up to the maximum, don’t pick up the fish so that you can collect them and quickly fill the buff to the max after the event.

Best Fish destiny 2

What Rewards Can I Get for Fishing?

As we already mentioned, you can get Ascendant Shards, Exotic gear from the open world, Reckoning weapons, Vendor Reputation, and the fish itself as decoration for the H.E.L.M. aquarium. Regarding additional fishing rewards in Destiny 2, you can unlock other decorations for completing particular triumphs, such as collecting all the fish from a specific location or obtaining all Uncommon, Rare, and Legendary specimens.

Among weapons, you can receive the following ones:

Fishing Tips and Tricks in Destiny 2!

Let’s move on to interesting facts about fishing in Destiny 2, which only some players know: 

Fish guide destiny 2

Final Words

Thus, all fishing mechanics in Destiny 2 are explained. At first glance, this activity seems like a joke from the developers. Nevertheless, it is more than independent and filled with enjoyable mechanics and details. We hope you get lucky with your catch, and this guide will help you in this matter. If you don’t want to spend your precious time on not the most exciting activity in the game, we offer Destiny 2 Fishing Services. There you can earn any amount of fish or complete Fishing Spots in no time!

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