Bungie Confirmed: Destiny 2 Suffers from DDoS Attacks

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Bungie Confirmed: Destiny 2 Suffers from DDoS Attacks

Bungie has come forth to reveal the root cause of recent disruptions in Destiny 2. Apparently, the game is suffering from malicious DDoS attacks.

Players have been grappling with an upswing in error and disconnections. Initially, these problems were believed to stem from the notorious crafting exploit. However, the studio’s development team has unveiled a far more insidious culprit: DDoS attacks targeted at the studio.


The developers of this FPS title typically maintain a level of discretion regarding such matters. In the past, they faced intense criticism for keeping the community uninformed about the game’s issues. And so, the studio has adopted a more open approach. This shift in transparency has been well-received by the community. And gamers are not holding back in expressing their appreciation.


Bungie continues to work diligently on resolving the issues.

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