Level Up Your Season Pass in Destiny 2 with These Tips

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Season Pass Farming Guide

The next season of Destiny 2 is here. Some players are horrified to realize that they barely completed or didn’t even finish their previous Season Pass. 

Each season gives you three months to complete them, and you have many opportunities to do it quickly. The same problem may arise again with the new season, and you must be efficient. What should you do? Today we’ll answer your question and assist in reaching level 100 in the Battle Pass. Hurry up and start playing; it’s time to begin farming and learn how to level up fast in Destiny 2!

Buffs for XP

First things first, before you go grinding, you have to prepare all sorts of experience boosts. If you are hearing about them for the first time, then we are sorry that you have only now learned about them. And yet, those methods would finally make it easier for you to spend many hours of farming:

With these three methods alone, you can already earn much more experience compared to relying solely on your own efforts. So, if you compare yourself with a boost with an ordinary player without one, you can obtain as much as 3-4 levels more in an hour!

Fastest Way to get XP in Destiny 2


So we move on to the first and also the fastest way to farm experience in Destiny 2 — Bounties. The first piece of advice for any player is to always remember to take bounties. There are three types in total: weekly (12,000 XP), daily (6,000 XP), and additional repeatable daily (4,000 XP). It’s absolutely worth taking everything, but obviously, it’s worth doing first those for which they give the most and on an oblique basis.

XP Guide

You may ask: “OwlGuy, what vendors should I take bounties from to have better Destiny 2 XP farming?”. First, think about what you want to do in the game now. If you have any quests in Vanguard, Crucible, or Gambit, grab them from Zavala, Shaxx, and Drifter, respectively. Just want to farm experience? Then head to Banshee-44 and take all of their available bounties, arm yourself with what you need for their quests, and go to Cosmodrome or Moon, because the juiciest bounties are there. Once you have finished all weekly and daily missions on both planets, proceed to the other available planets and repeat.

The following step comes in the most tedious and no less practical and even appears as the fastest way to level up in Destiny 2. You must travel to the Last Wish Raid, namely, the second encounter. To do this, acquire a checkpoint on the D2 checkpoint website. Once you reach there, the easiest way to farm mobs will open up, so you can perform bounties for several hours by destroying crowds of opponents. You can pick up bounties even without leaving the Raid using the official Destiny 2 app. Unfortunately, the glimmers are not endless; therefore, you will have to buy them from Rahul occasionally. But don’t worry, you’ll still have a checkpoint after the first wipe, and you can fly right away by continuing to farm. It is long and tedious, but you can boost yourself from 6 to 10 levels in an hour! So, yeah, bounties + Last Wish are really effective Destiny 2 Season Pass leveling method.

How to get XP Destiny 2

Seasonal Challenges 

Another way is Seasonal Challenges. Every week up to week 10 of the season, from 4 to 10 challenges arise in the game, for which you obtain from 12,500 to 100,000 XP, some Bright Dust, and sometimes other additional rewards. We recommend that every time after a weekly reset, prioritize those challenges and complete whatever you think is the most accessible and feasible. Sometimes some tasks will require a really long time, and it’s better to do them gradually during the season. It’s not like the best way to get XP in Destiny 2, but it’s still very important and useful if you have played Destiny 2 for a long time.

Season Pass Farm

Wait, That’s It? Shouldn’t There Be More Ways to Gain Experience?

Yes, these are all the main ways to gain experience in Destiny 2. Those methods will help you accumulate XP much faster. Traditionally, you can still proceed to various activities, such as story missions, Endgame, open-world activities, etc. Even if we assume the recommendation of passing the Raid, where in fact, you earn the most experience, then another problem arises. One Raid passage won’t be enough, even for one level. And if you are wondering about how to get to Season Pass level 100 fast, then that’s not the best place to farm. The passage takes your team an hour or more of your time, when during this time you can complete a bunch of contracts and a couple of challenges. Oh, of course, you have to find another team to complete the activity. 

There is another way called AFK Farm, but to use it, you have to use special macros and accessories that break Destiny 2 rules. By using this method, you are putting yourself in danger, including the risk of losing your account forever. We don’t want anything bad to happen to you because we feel responsible for your safety and desire to grant you better Season Pass XP tips in Destiny 2.

In the end, all you have to do is just play Destiny 2. As a regular player, do the desired routine while the levels increase in the background. You can even farm some Last Wish Deepsight weapons with friends, while bounties and encounter completions get you experience. The only thing we can only suggest is Destiny 2 Services, where pro players take care of this routine for you, and you can relax and accomplish more valuable things.

Final Words

We hope our Destiny 2 XP guide provides answers to all your questions and helps you complete all levels in the Season Pass on time. If you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments below. You can also share your methods there because sometimes, some fast ways to farm may appear with a new season or even a patch. And suppose you’re new to the game and require more help. In that case, we’ve got an Ultimate Material guide, as well as an article on all the useful Resources in D2 to use while playing.

Thanks for reading! Owl is flying away.

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