Best Warlock Build Destiny 2: Endgame, GM Nightfalls, and PvP

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Pick up Destiny 2 Best Warlock build in Season of the Wish and get ready to dominate the game!

Best Warlock Build Destiny 2

Having a good loadout is crucial for any serious Destiny 2 adventure, as it can save your life in critical situations. We have already talked about various Warlock loadouts, starting from Solar and ending with Stasis. We thought we would stop there, but we decided to end the series of these articles with a grand finale. 

This guide will determine the perfect Warlock build in Destiny 2 for each activity. Are you interested in learning how to quickly obtain Grenade energy, gain ability energy easily, and use melee and Grenade ability effectively in Destiny? You will also learn how to create infinite Grenade kill loadouts and even more! So, turn on Destiny and take your Guardian on an upgrade journey!

Destiny 2 Best Warlock Raid Build

PvP Warlock Build

Best Warlock build currently has an undeniable loadout choice to utilize in the Endgame PvE content. Sunbracers are perfect in ad-clear and have become an indispensable Exotic that saves the day almost everywhere. At the same time, the Warlock has powerful Solar abilities, which are the best among other subclasses and even classes, ensuring excellent support and great healing abilities. But let’s take it step by step.

In the Endgame, it’s very important to have high survivability for your Best PvE Warlock build Destiny 2. Heat Rises Aspect with Phoenix Dive and Ember of Empyrean will help you. With equipped Heat Rises, you can absorb your Grenade to obtain an eponymous buff and then use Phoenix Dive to get Restoration x2. Thus, you’ll be an unstoppable machine with constantly regenerating HP. The Fragment is needed to maintain the buff effect, as Solar weapons and ability Final Blows extend its duration. In other words, you must constantly be in the battle to maintain the buff. With an Empyrean Fragment, you also get Radiant buff in addition to Restoration, which is a nice bonus for our Destiny Warlock build.

You bear Sunbracers for this exact reason, which not only helps with clearing but also allows you to easily replenish Restoration x2. To activate it, defeat any enemy with Melee ability (which Incinerator Snap handles excellently), and after that, you gain Grenade energy up to max to endlessly bombard anyone for 5 seconds. Moreover, thanks to the Touch of Flame Aspect, your Solar Grenade becomes a real threat with a long duration and possessing blobs of lava, dealing damage consistently.

The advantages of the best Warlock build in Destiny 2 Season of the Wish don’t end there, as the power of three other Fragments allows you to act even more effectively in the Endgame:

Thus, you have an incredibly effective loadout, allowing you even to go through dungeons solo. Furthermore, with equipped Well of Radiance and Lunafraction Boots (increases the reload speed for all players in the Rift) during boss phases, you’ll literally be a one-man army, capable of handling everything on your own, or even standing as an excellent support, greatly assisting the team in DPS Phases.

All that remains is to reinforce the D2 best Warlock build with mods. Bring along Ashes to Assets, Bolstering Detonation, and Firepower to ensure your Grenades bring Super and Class ability regeneration, as well as create Orbs of Power by taking down enemies. By the way, Orbs of Power are useful in mods such as Innervation/Invigoration and Recuperation to restore Grenade/Melee energy and your HP. Lastly, remember the essential mods in Raids like Void, Arc, Stasis, Strand, and Solar Weapon Surge mods (during boss battles) and Special Finisher (to gain special ammo).

Destiny 2 Best Warlock Grandmaster Build

Destiny 2 Warlock Build

Despite the overall effectiveness of the previous best PvE Warlock build, it won’t be as good in Grandmaster Nightfalls. Primarily, this is because you have to keep as far from enemies as possible and constantly try to survive. That’s where Voidlock with their void ability comes into play, renowned for its Devour buff, which restores health upon enemy elimination.

As with the previous Destiny 2 Solar Warlock build, you’ll use Grenade quite often. That’s why we take Chaos Accelerant Aspect (enhances Vortex by charging it, increases its size and duration, to get more easy Grenade kills) and Contraverse Hold (resist while charging Vortex Grenade + returns even more ability energy for it on a hit). A Fragment once again complements your Grenade, this time with Echo of Remnants and Undermining, making them last longer and have the capability to weaken targets. Defeating weakened targets also creates Orbs of Power and a Void Breach, thanks to the Harvest Fragment. In addition to the other Fragments, Persistence extends the effect of all your Void buffs. If you expected to see something related to Volatile Rounds, you won’t find it ’cause it’s not so helpful in Grandmaster.

In terms of Armor mods, we essentially take all those that give you as much energy and Armor Charges as possible:

Destiny 2 Best PvP Warlock Build

Solar Warlock Build

We are returning to Solar again, although there’s not much to tell here. This Destiny 2 Warlock PvP build can give opponents a hard time.

Among Exotics for this Warlock Trials build, you have a choice between Ophidian Aspect or Transversive Steps. The former may appeal to you because of its improved weapon readiness and reload speed, as well as slightly increased Airborne Effectiveness on all weapons. At the same time, if you like action, then the latter improves your sprint and automatically reloads your equipped heavy, special, or primary weapon after a short time running.

Regarding Aspects and Fragments, it’s much more interesting for our Destiny 2 Warlock build. We ditch Touch of Flame in favor of Icarus Dash. Now you have the ability to dodge while airborne and get another dodge if you get the Heat Rises buff. Moreover, you can also heal yourself if you achieve a double kill while airborne, which is undoubtedly a plus. From the Fragments, only the familiar Ember of Torches remains that makes you and your allies radiant, while there is a brand-new Solace fragment that extends the duration of the buff. Use the other two slots at your preference since the rest are not as valuable, particularly in PvP.

Don’t forget to set various Armor Mods to have one of the best Destiny 2 Warlock Trials of Osiris build. Having better accuracy, reload speed, readiness speed, and unflinching on your weapons is essential. Faster accumulation of ability energy is also crucial, so everything from Impact Induction to Utility Kickstart will undoubtedly come in handy.

Final Words

Well, we’ve analyzed every Destiny 2 best Warlock build 2024, which will remain relevant for many months to come. We hope this guide has given you the opportunity to choose what suits your taste, and most importantly, the loadouts would help you in the activities where you mainly face problems.

If you wish to thank us somehow, a like and comment are the best things we could receive from you. You could also check out our guide on Arc (with amazing Lightning Surge aspect with cool Lingering Arc Grenades and Ball Lightning) and Strand (with interesting Strand Weapons and more) loadouts to be ready in any activity. And if you don’t have time to collect each loadout, use D2 Services, where professionals will handle the farming, and your time will go into more crucial matters.

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