Best Void Titan Build in Destiny 2 Season 23

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Every best Void Titan Build in Season of the Wish you could imagine is here.

Key Takeaways:

  • The first build will make your titan a true Void monster, as you will be spamming an incredible amount of abilities.
  • The second build will help you survive in any situation, which can be useful for solo Dungeons.
  • The third build allows you to destroy Guardian opponents in a fraction of a second, making them run away at the sight of you!
  • Artifact perks have lost Void enhancements, so take everything related to your weapons.

When it comes to Destiny 2, many players choose to begin their journey as a Titan. After all, this is the most beginner-friendly class, according to many guides. They are natural berserkers who never hesitate to invade the battlefield to save their allies. At the same time, there are many subclasses, each of which strengthens the Titan in one way or another. In the case of Void Titan, they can fit in the role of valuable support for their team.

Today, we’ll talk about the best Titan Void builds that save hundreds of Titans in Endgame content and help them become even stronger. Start generating absolute nothingness and go to battle!

Doom Fang Pauldron Build

Void Titan Build

Who doesn’t dream about getting Super in a few seconds? Fortunately, Titan has just the Exotic that will help make this desire a reality. These Gauntlets allow you to get 20% Super Energy from Powered Void Melee final blows. It is easy to guess that, ideally, you need to restore Melee Energy as quickly as possible. For this, we’ll use the above-mentioned Aspects, Fragments, and Mods. 

The key to the best Titan Void 3.0 build is Offensive Bulwark, which improves your abilities while you have Over shield. Of course, we are most interested in the increased Melee range and damage, as well as the extension of the Overshield duration due to the Melee final blows. Among all Void abilities, Shield Bash deals more damage than everything else, while Shield Throw is considered the weakest. It is worth noting that you will also receive Melee energy if you destroy your opponents with Uncharged Melee. 

We recommend using Echo of Reprisal and Hands On to make your Super recover faster, giving even more Super Energy for final blows. By incorporating Heavy Handed and Melee Kickstart, you can attain an infinite Shield Bash, making for a perfect combination. It is also worth noting that this build truly excels in Gambit. During a single game, it is possible to activate Sentinel Shield up to three times, which is an impressive feat.

Heart of Inmost Light Build

It’s considered one of the best Void Titan PvE builds in Destiny 2 that is perfect for Titans who have difficulties in Endgame content and need to survive at all costs.

As you can tell from the title, we’re taking the Exotic Chest piece. Despite having been heavily nerfed recently, it’s still a powerful gear. By utilizing any ability, the other two get empowered (faster regen, better damage for grenade and Melee, more hit points for Barricade). If you want to focus on Melee or Grenade energy, then take Armamentarium or Synthoceps.

The essence of this Void Titan build in Destiny 2 Lightfall is to create as many Orbs of Power as possible, which will be vital for you. Stick to these steps, and you will constantly generate orbs of power, greatly increasing and prolonging your chance of survival on the battlefield:

Additionally, this build uses volatile rounds, which can be obtained by equipping a fragment. These rounds will make enemies volatile, simplifying combatants’ destruction from your Void weapons, so keep your eye on it.

Void Titan PvP Build

Remember the good old days when Titans could one-shot their opponents with charged Melee? Well, you can get them back with this Void Titan build and Peregrine Greaves Exotics!

After sprinting for two seconds, those legs grant you 225% increased impact damage for your Shoulder Charge Abilities when activated in the air. All you have to do is just run around and get melee kills with your Shield Bash in a single hit, which is incredibly useful in 3v3 matches and even against Supers. The Shield Bash itself is a must-have in PvP on your Void Titan build Lightfall because you can move faster and dodge opponents’ shots with lightning speed.

Regarding aspects, everything is also quite apparent here. Bastion grants Overshield after casting Barricade, and Offensive Bulwark helps to get grenade energy, extends the duration of your Overshield, and gives increased Melee range and damage while standing in the Ward of Dawn or having an Overshield. These two aspects are fully synergistic; without them, the build will become less effective.

Basically, you only need to care about two fragments for this Void Titan PvP build: Vigilance and Leeching. The first one helps you get Void Overshield after defeating an enemy, but only if your Shield is depleted. Vigilance is very useful during tough fights when you, as a Titan, need to be more aggressive. At the same time, Leeching is perfect for this build because of the health regeneration that you and your allies can get from Melee Final Blows. You still have room for other fragments, but it’s completely up to you, so you can choose something for stats or upgrade grenades.

It’s unnecessary to ramble about armor mods. Essentially, all of the suggested ones improve Aim Assistance, reload speed, reduce flinch from incoming fire, and improve cooldown abilities. In the case of Focusing Strike and Outreach, they help you quickly replenish Barricade and Melee’s ability.

Void Titan Artifact Recommendation

The Artifact has become a crucial component of any build since the release of Lightfall. Each perk can boost you in both PvE and PvP content, giving you those extra damage you wanted. So, Bungie decided in Season of the Wish to focus on other subclasses. That’s why we cannot recommend perks for your best Destiny 2 Void Titan build. Just take everything related to your weapons.

Source: Bungie

Congratulations! Now you have the most powerful Void Titan in the game, which will outlive even a nuclear warhead with its Void weapon. And if that’s not enough for you, then check out our Warlock and Hunter guides, where we talk about their advantages in their subclass. Do you need a fast farm and don’t have time to complete everything before the season ends? Then take a look at Destiny 2 Services from WowVendor professionals, where your every wish will be fulfilled!

And on that note, our best Void Titan build Destiny 2 Build guide is over.

Thanks for reading. Owl is flying away!

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