Every Best Titan Stasis Build in Destiny 2 Season of the Wish

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Do you want to get the best Titan Stasis build in Destiny 2? Then choose our options and become the best Titan!

Titan Stasis Build Guide

Key Takeaways

  • Stasis Titan is a very balanced subclass and, like other classes, needs to have weapons to have ultimate loadout.
  • The first build works around the Diamond Lance, which is a perfect lance to destroy big groups of combatants.
  • The second build is about Stasis Crystals, more precisely, how to spawn them quickly.
  • The third build allows your slide to create a shield and shatter crystals with enemies!

Once again, we are talking about the most powerful and cool builds you could ever have. Today, we’ll touch on the best Stasis Titan builds in Destiny 2, which are effective in PvE and even PvP. The Titan’s Behemoth is known for its strength and versatility in different types of content. We’ve already told you about what Titans can do in Titan Arc Build and Titan Void Build. Now it’s time to uncover what this class can do with the frost abilities. Brace yourself because we are starting to explore all the qualities of Behemoth.

Stasis Titan Weapons For Builds

Before we fully explore the Titan Stasis Build guide, it’s important to note that they function differently from other subclasses. Unlike loadouts that rely on mods such as Firepower and Heavy Handed to generate Orbs of Power for Grenade and Melee Final Blows, Stasis relies on its abilities as tools rather than weapons for taking down enemies. As a result, implementing the aforementioned mods may not be feasible with this Subclass.

As the Armor Charge system is currently the main focus on Buildcrafting, you have to find a way to obtain these charges. The Siphon and Elemental Charge mods will assist you with this. Since the whole Subclass is built around freezing and creating Crystals, you must use these features as often as possible. That’s why Stasis Weapons will come in handy, helping you activate Aspects, Fragments, and Mods.

We will recommend a couple of guns for various purposes, which will help make these Top Stasis Titan builds in Destiny 2 even better.

For optimal production of Stasis Crystals, it is recommended to use:

If you want to slow down your enemies, the best approach is to use:

In Warlord’s Ruin during the Season of the Wish, a special sidearm called the Buried Bloodline was introduced. The Buried Bloodline is an Exotic Sidearm that emits Void Energy and is excellent for Destiny 2 Titan Stasis Builds that lack healing capabilities. It allows the player to obtain a Devour buff from the Void subclass, but only if you takedown four Normal or one Major enemies. This buff grants you 100 HP and Grenade Energy for every taken-down foe you make while extending its duration. So, if you’re looking to stay alive, destroy combatants, and dominate the competition, the Buried Bloodline is definitely worth considering. Just visit the last encounter of this dungeon and farm until the desired drop appears!

Cadmus Ridge Lancecap Titan Stasis PvE Build

Cadmus Ridge Lancecap Build

The first Destiny 2 Stasis Titan Build will be entirely centered around Diamond Lance, which you can generate using the corresponding Aspect or the Exotic called Cadmus Ridge Lancecap. This helmet possesses two unique features:

There is one catch, though. This Exotic armor for Stasis Titan has a 7-second cooldown, which makes the second feature less useful. However, the creation of Stasis Crystals is already a significant buff, especially for the Behemoth subclass, which relies heavily on them.

Now let’s delve deeper into the Aspects and Fragments. Diamond Lance creates a Stasis Lance by defeating a combatant with any Stasis damage. It has two types of attacks: Throw and Slam. When you Throw the Lance, it freezes enemies in a small radius. On the other hand, when you Slam the Lance into the ground, it freezes enemies in a larger radius. The second Aspect, Tectonic Harvest, generates Stasis Shards that grant 10% Melee Energy whenever you shatter Stasis crystals. These shards are generated quite frequently and will prove helpful in the future.

Due to the choice of these Aspects, you have a total of 5 Fragments slots that will help you enhance this build. Whisper of Rime provides survivability, as your Stasis Shards will heal 12 HP and grant an overshield if you have maximum health. Since you will often break Crystals created by Lances and Glacier Grenades, why not reap the benefits? So, to fully understand why this Stasis Titan subclass meta in Destiny 2:

Lastly, let’s touch upon Mods. You’ll obtain Armor Charges in two ways:

As for spending Armor Charges, you’ll enhance the damage of Stasis Weapons with Stasis Weapon Surges and improve Intellect and Strength with Font of Wisdom and Vigor. Since these Mods consume Armor Charges over time, it’s highly recommended to use Time Dilation, which extends the timer by 5 seconds.

Hoarfrost-Z Crystals Build

Hoarfrost-Z Build

Now, let’s move on to the second Stasis Titan PvE Build, which concentrates solely on Stasis Crystals. In order to create them much more often, you’ll require Hoarfrost-Z. It substitutes your regular Barricade with a Stasis Crystal Wall. Although it may seem average, this approach performs extremely well in-game situations, enabling you to cover the whole arena with your Crystals.

The Aspects and Fragments used are the same as you may have seen in the previous build, but the situation is more interesting with the mods. In the last build, we used best mods for Stasis Titan builds that gradually consumed your Armor Charges. This time, Utility Kickstart will consume them, which provides Class Ability Energy after its use. However, since you’ll be creating Stasis Crystals even more frequently, it’s best to use 2 copies of Elemental Charge along with Stacks on Stacks, allowing you to obtain х2 Armor Charges for just 3 Stasis Shards.

Antaeus Wards Titan Stasis PvP Build

Antaeus Wards Guide

As usual, our final build will be a Crucible one, and it is perfect for those who enjoy sliding. Antaeus Wards create a frontal shield during a slide, which reflects anything, but you need to run for at least 1.5 seconds to activate it. Combined with this Exotic, the Cryoclasm Aspect works perfectly, increasing Slide Distance by 50% and causing Slides to shatter Crystals and Frozen Enemies.

The second Aspect is also related to sliding, but this time, it will enhance your Powered Melee Ability. Howl of the Storm replaces your Melee with an Uppercut while sliding, freezing enemies, and creating 4 Stasis Crystals. Although you’ll have 4 Fragment Slots with these Aspects, only three are significant. Whisper of Shards boosts grenade regeneration by 150% when you shatter a Crystal, Chains provide 15% damage resistance near Crystals, and Rending improves damage to Frozen Enemies and Crystals from Primary Weapons.

Mods don’t play a crucial role here, but the best build loadouts for Stasis Titan can make the gameplay more enjoyable. In particular, we recommend giving an Exotic like Cryosthesia 77K a chance. After a Final Blow from this weapon, you can switch its firing mode to a unique shot that instantly freezes the target. We recommend checking out a separate article on the best weapons in PvP for additional recommendations.

Best Stasis Titan Artifact Perks

Season of the Wish Artifact is essential to upgrade your best Destiny 2 Titan Stasis Build. The Artifact can give you useful stasis bonuses and we are able to choose what are the perfect ones. Let’s see what you may pick here!

First Column 

Second Column

Third Column

Fourth Column

Fifth Column

Final Words

Our team hopes those Best Titan builds for Stasis subclass will help you in Endgame content and battles against other Guardians. If you liked this article, you can check out our other guides, like the guide on the best Exotic Armor for Titan or the best weapons to use in Raids.

Finally, we want to recommend the best way to save your time and forget about the grind with Destiny 2 Services. Professional players can farm all Adept guns from Trials of Osiris for you or help you complete any possible Endgame content. That is the perfect way to level up your character for the above builds.

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