Discover the Best Arc Titan Builds in Destiny 2

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Best Arc Titan Build in Destiny 2 Season of the Wish is finally here. Get ready for a battle!

Best Titan Arc Builds

Brutal Titans love to boast about their powerful abilities. They astonish us with their Solar mastery with infinite hammers and Void capabilities with high survivability. Now they amaze us with their electric powers thanks to the Arc Titan builds in Destiny 2. Warlocks and Hunters have already shown what they are capable of, but the third class will no less surprise you in this guide. No time to sit down, start the game, and let’s begin creating the perfect build!

Best Arc Titan PvE Build: Heart of Inmost Light Build

Heart of Inmost Light

All you need to know in general terms about this build is that it maximizes the potential of the subclass. And only this information sends it to the top Arc Titan builds in Destiny 2.

Although the Exotic has been nerfed, it can still be quite powerful. However, it now requires more strategic playing and cannot be used mindlessly. So what is the core mechanic of this Chest? When using one of the abilities (Grenade, Melee, or Class), the other two will be enhanced. This buff can stack up to two times and only lasts 5 seconds. For example, if you used your Thunderclap, you’d have improved Pulse Grenade and Thruster regeneration. Still, you have to use one of them within 5 seconds.

Continuing to describe Arc Titan PvE Build, using an Aspect that boosts grenades makes sense since players utilize them frequently. Due to the Touch of Thunder, the Pulse Grenade can generate Ionic Traces when dealing damage, significantly speeding up the abilities regen. The build becomes significantly more intriguing when it comes to Knockout. With the presence of a namesake buff, any Melee Damage is considered a Charged Melee. As a result, the Heart of Inmost Light perk activates, enhancing both the Grenade and Class Ability.

Let’s move on to mods and Fragments, which are significant in the best build loadout for Arc Titan. Spark of Magnitude and Shock extends the Grenade’s effect and allows it to apply a jolt. At the same time, Resistance and Feedback will be helpful in close combat, providing survivability and increased Melee Damage. Mods have the capability to further restore our abilities, which is rather impressive. Reaper and Firepower serve as tools to generate Orbs of Power, while Elemental Charge will grant Armor Charge for every 3 Ionic Traces picked up. The received Armor Charge will be spent by the Kickstart mod, giving Grenade Energy on use. Ultimately, it is one of the best Titan builds for the Arc subclass.

Point-Contact Cannon Brace Build

Point-Contact Cannon Brace

The previous one was focused on using all Abilities; in this one with Point-Contact Cannon Brace, your main goal is to use Charged Melee as often as possible. With these Arms equipped, they refund Melee Energy on Thunderclap Final Blows and give Thunderclap a Lightning Strike that deals a decent amount of damage and applies jolt to all enemies around. That’s a must-have Exotic armor for Arc Titan in all terms.

The Aspects and Fragments used are absolutely identical. Yet, with the mods, the emphasis will be more on Melee (which is not surprising). You’ll generate Orbs of Power by using Heavy Handed and Reaper. Moreover, Recuperation and Invigoration will give you 70 HP and Grenade Energy when you collect Orbs. Since you often use Thunderclap, getting Melee Kickstart and Impact Induction will always be helpful in any situation, granting you Melee and Grenade Energy when using Charged Melee Ability.

The Aspects and Fragments used are absolutely identical. Yet, with the mods, the emphasis will be more on Melee (which is not surprising). You’ll generate Orbs of Power by using Heavy Handed and Reaper. Moreover, when picking up an Orb, you’ll receive bonus damage from weapons of a particular element for 15 seconds, all thanks to Weapon Surge Mods and Time Dilation. Since you often use Thunderclap, getting Momentum Transfer and Impact Induction will always be helpful in any situation, granting you Melee or Grenade Energy when using Charged Grenade or Melee Ability.

Best Arc Titan PvP Build


The next loadout turns you into an unstoppable gorilla running around the arena and clapping everyone on your way. And yes, answering your question in advance, this build is Arc Titan subclass meta in Destiny 2.

Obviously, you need Dunermarches here, which is currently the meta armor for Titans in the PvP mode:

That’s an incredibly important improvement for your Titan and your Seismic Strike. As for the Aspects, leave everything the same. 

But there are some changes among the Fragments. Magnitude and Feedback remain in service, as one extends the effect of grenades, and the other boosts the damage of your Melee if someone also attacks you with their fists. At the same time, replace Shock and Resistance with Recharge and Instinct. Both are activated when you are critically wounded, which happens constantly in PvP. The former replenishes your grenade and Melee energy much faster. The latter emits a burst of damaging Arc energy that jolts targets. These are must-haves and essential in this build.

Arc Titan Artifact Mods

Only the finishing touches are left in the form of Artifact mods for the Arc Titans. Sadly, there are no optimal perks for Arc Titan builds in Season of the Wish. As of right now, you can only pick Artifact mods that upgrade your weapons. Choose the rest as you wish.

Final Words on Best Arc Titan Builds

So, now you have an almost unstoppable Arc Titan Build that will serve you as long as Bungie doesn’t nerf something again. If you are happy about your brand-new build and want to thank us for the Arc Titan build guide, just write a funny comment below. This will surely make us proud of our work. Remember, if you are tired of grinding, check out our Destiny 2 Services. Save time and upgrade your character to the next level! 

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