Best The Final Shape weapons: top 10 Final Shape guns

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It’s time to farm the best Final Shape weapons in Destiny 2 to strengthen your loadout!

Best The Final Shape weapons in Destiny 2

Key Takeaways:

  • This list consists of 10 best Final Shape guns in Destiny 2 right now. Only new weapons!
  • You won’t find here new Exotic weapons. They are all really good and you should get them all.
  • All weapons will be useful even after this Episode.

The Final Shape has been released with an incredible amount of new content. We’ve already tested the new Ergo Sum sword, the Still Hunt sniper rifle, and some of the best Prismatic builds, such as Prismatic Hunter and Prismatic Warlock. Now it’s time to seek out some of the most powerful weapons in The Final Shape. This article will help you find 10 unique weapons to take on any challenge!

An important disclaimer is needed before we start the article and farming these great weapons. In this article, you won’t find new Exotic weapons because they are all good and can easily replace most of the equally good weapons on this list. So, that’s why these are the Final Shape best Legendary weapons to get right now! 

10. Perfect Paradox, Shotgun

Perfect Paradox can easily become the best One-Two Punch Shotgun due to its excellent archetype and Origin Trait. The Cast No Shadows trait refills 20% of the Magazine upon dealing Melee Damage, which perfectly complements the perk in the fourth column. Because of this, it is difficult to say which perks in the third column will be the best choice, but we lean towards Field Prep for increased reserves or Pugilist for Melee Regen.

9. Breachlight, Sidearm

The beloved Breachlight has returned to the hands of Guardians in the Echoes Episode, albeit with a changed Energy Type to Strand. However, this does not prevent it from being one of the best PvE weapons in The Final Shape.

For Grenade builds, you will definitely be interested in combining Demolitionist and Desperate Measures, constantly increasing damage and providing Grenade Energy for Final Blows. Slice and Hatchling are decent Strand perks but may not fit all Builds. In PvP, Breachlight will also find its fans, especially with such good perks. 

8. Better Devils, Hand Cannon

Better Devils

Better Devils is a 140 Strand Hand Cannon with excellent perks for many Builds, making it part of The Final Shape meta weapons. 

Broodweavers and Prismatic Warlocks will definitely love the combination of Demolitionist and Hatchling, allowing them to create Threadlings as often as possible. Popular Perks such as One for All, Explosive Payload, and Frenzy are also present here, but Midnight Coup or Fatebringer might be better suited for these perks.

In PvP, Better Devils can be quite good, especially with Moving Target and Zen Moment, but competitors like Rose and Austringer can easily outmatch it in Stats. 

7. Bold Endings, Hand Cannon

Bold Endings, though not the most interesting gun released in TFS, is definitely the best Stasis Gun in the game. The combination of Headstone with any damage perk or Demolitionist will help you quickly clear hordes of enemies, leaving your only problem as the slow reload speed. In PvP, Bold Endings will be difficult to use due to the specifics of its archetype even with good perks. 

6. Someday, Shotgun

Someday will definitely become one of the popular guns in PvP thanks to its Precision Frame, great perks, and the ability to craft it. Among the perks, you are interested only in Threat Detector with Opening Shot for a boost to your Handling and Range, which are necessary for Shotguns. Elemental Capacitor can also work if you play with an Arc Super due to the +50 Handling Bonus. All in all Someday is easily one of the best The Final Shape weapons to craft.

5. Shayura’s Wrath, SMG

Shayura’s Wrath has finally returned to the Trials of Osiris loot pool, acquiring new excellent perks. Keep Away will help you much more easily achieve a 100 Range Roll, while Zen Moment will help deal with Recoil and Flinch. In the fourth column, Kill Clip will be the priority choice for 6v6 Playlists, while Tap the Trigger, with its improved Accuracy and Stability, will fit anywhere. All this allows us to call Shayura’s Wrath one of the best PvP Weapons in The Final Shape! 

4. Martyr’s Retribution, Grenade Launcher

After the Nerf to Chain Reaction on Special Weapons, Martyr’s Retribution might replace Forbearance. The most fascinating perk in the third column is, of course, Heal Clip, providing you with 120 HP upon reloading after Final Blows. Classic Demolitionist or Auto-Loading Holster are also present here and will be an excellent alternative to the previous perk if you do not need extra survivability. In the next column, the perks that may interest you are only Incandescent, although Adrenaline Junkie is a good alternative for bonus damage. 

3. Aberrant Action, Rocket Sidearm

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Aberrant Action is part of the top The Final Shape weapons because it is one of the two new Rocket Sidearms in TFS and will definitely interest you. The Heal Clip + Incandescent Combo has long proven itself on many guns, as it perfectly synergizes with Solar. If you want a good Special for any Subclass, check out Demolitionist, which will restore your Grenade Energy for Final Blows. 

2. Scintillation, Linear Fusion Rifle

Scintillation is undoubtedly the best Linear Fusion Rifle and one of the best The Final Shape weapons to focus on at Zavala, even surpassing Cataclysmic. Magazine perks combined with Bait and Switch or Surrounded will provide you with decent DPS at any range and be useful in any content. Also, do not overlook Reservoir Burst, which appears in this type of weapon for the first time.

1. The Call, Rocket Sidearm

The best The Final Shape gun is undoubtedly The Call, the first Rocket Sidearm in the first slot. This gun has such an enormous arsenal of excellent perks that recommending an ideal roll is simply impossible, so let’s list what each of the recommended perks does:

Third Column:

Fourth Column:

 Destiny 2 The Final Shape best weapons final words

So, now you know everything about the best TFS weapons in Destiny 2. If you want to learn more about Pale Heart weapons, we already published an article about them, evaluating each weapon’s usefulness. Need help getting these guns? You are in luck, as The Final Shape services allow you to farm all the desired weapons today without any hassle. That’s the best way to make your collection even richer!

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