Best Sniper Rifles in Destiny 2 Lightfall: Guide & Rankings

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It would be best if you always had an excellent Special weapon with you, which in any situation, will deal good damage to elite opponents, champions, or even more formidable enemies. After reading this, you may immediately think of Sniper Rifles as the go-to firearm in such scenarios. It turns out that those guns are not just for camping. They can handle even bosses. Who would have thought?! 

Sniper Rifle Guide

Today you’ll discover more about Sniper Rifles (SR), what archetypes those weapons have, and what is the perfect SR to get yourself in the game. Sit tight, and we’re going to farm to the distant planets and make your perfect Sniper Rifle loadout for Destiny 2 Lightfall!

Sniper Rifle Guide

Sniper Rifles are often left gathering dust in players’ inventory because not everyone is able to find good use for these guns. But in fact, they are the ideal weapon type for Guardians who prefer to stay out from the heart of the battle and support their allies from afar. They have high damage, allowing you to quickly deal with any combatants and even bosses in Raids or other activities. That’s the reason why many players use them in Destiny 2 PvE for DPS phases where the bosses are at long range (Oryx and Consecrated Mind).

In Season 20, a patch was released that made one of the SRs types even more powerful. Their archetypes are worth attending to, even if it is your first time doing this. So, in total, those rifles type has three archetypes that directly affect the rate of fire and the weapon’s damage:

The finest Frame and, therefore, the best Sniper Rifles for Raids in Destiny 2 Lightfall are Rapid-Fire. Regardless, Aggressive Frame is the most common PvE use. In addition, Bungie released a patch that gave 140 RPM an additional reduction of recoil to 50% and increased ammunition by 30%. And don’t forget that this weapon type will get an extra 10% buff in PvE in Season of the Deep. And if you were wrestling with what to bring to PvP, we can say that most players fell in love with Adaptive Frame.

Best PvE Sniper Rifle

First, you should determine what you must acquire to terminate powerful enemies. The following SRs are what you need in this case!

Izanagi’s Burden

How to Get It: Monument to the Lost Light

Izanagi's Burden Guide

Despite all the nerfs, Izanagi’s Burden has been on the pedestal of the greatest weapons in Destiny 2 for many years. Any professional fireteam will recommend it to you with combining Rockets, especially if you have Catalyst. Izanagi’s Burden alternate fire type reduces its magazine from four to one very powerful round. The Catalyst itself increases the already high damage from the Exotic perk. If the whole team takes this weapon, you can take some Raid bosses in two phases, with sleight of hand and the right loadout, it is even possible to achieve victory after one-phase.


How to Get It: Сomplete both the Europa Explorer I and II missions from Variks and after farm Empire Hunts on Europa

Cloudstrike Guide

Nevertheless, the past Exotic has an equally strong competitor called Cloudstrike. It has all chances to be the best Exotic Sniper Rifle in Destiny 2 Lightfall. Cloudstrike doesn’t shoot one strong bullet, but it can deal even more DPS with its seven shots thanks to the perk that causes Lightning Strike after three crit hits. Making a Catalyst on this gun will improve your handling by 25 points and give you the capability to return ammo after three fast precision hits. The Exotic SR is beneficial for short DPS Phases, as its damage is constant and expends much faster, especially when paired with Rocket Launchers.

There may be an ongoing debate on which of these two Exotics is superior, but we advise keeping both with completed Catalysts as each boss requires a particular approach to beat.


Best Perks: Arrowhead Brake, Extended Mag, Reconstruction, Vorpal weapon/Firing Line

How to Get It: Deep Stone Crypt Raid

Succession Guide

You must definitely get Succession if you want to own the best legendary Sniper Rifle in Destiny 2 Lightfall. Why? The weapon itself has some of the supreme stats compared to other Snipers and is easy to get in Deep Stone Crypt. On top of that, if the named Raid is in rotation, you can farm frames on the second encounter with your teammates to craft it with the most fantastic perks.

By the way, if we start speaking of perks. Be sure to put Reconstruction in the third column because your magazine gradually replenishes right up to double the size, and as you know, ammo is an eternal player’s problem. In the fourth column, you can take Firing Line or Vorpal Weapon. With their help, Succession effortlessly reaches the top of the best PvE Sniper Rifles in Destiny 2 Lightfall. The first perk increases damage by 20%, and we recommend it if you are a team player, as the bonus activation requires two or more teammates to be nearby. The second one is suitable for solo players: it boosts damage by 15% but only works against vehicles, mini and regular bosses.


Best Perks: Arrowhead Brake, Tactical Mag, Fourth Time’s The Charm, Firing Line

How to Get It: Random world drop or can be bought from Vendors like Banshee-44

Irukandji Guide

You can obtain the new best legendary Sniper Rifle in Destiny 2 Lightfall , it’s also a community favorite by the way, by completing activities in open locations or from vendors to raise the rank. That means it is easy to acquire, but unfortunately to get Godroll, you have to pray to the RNG god because Bungie made it non-craftable. Indeed, it is not a pleasant nuance, but its perks won’t disappoint you because they are ideal for cooperative activities. FTTC gives you two ammo back when you deal four precision hits, which is fairly easy to do if it’s a boss, and Firing Line will boost your damage with two allies around, making it a  perfect Raid option.


Best perks: Arrowhead Brake, Tactical Mag, Fourth Time’s The Charm, Focused Fury

How to Get It: Operation: Seraph Shield from Exotic Mission Rotator or can be bought from Vendors like Xur or Banshee-44

Ikelos_SR_v1.0.3 Guide

Have you been looking for the best Energy Sniper Rifles in Destiny 2 Lightfall? Then IKELOS_SR_v1.0.3 won’t let you down, just like the other guns of this series! The main SR’s advantage is the ability to be crafted, which was easy to do this season.

Luckily, now it is much easier to farm it than the same Succession. Alas, if you are a free-to-play player, you’ll have to wait until one of the vendors delivers the gun you need; therefore, we suggest you check Xur status every Friday to avoid missing it. However, IKELOS_SR_v1.0.3 is still worth it, especially if you earned a Godroll. The combination of FTTC and Focused Fury allows for near-continuous damage phases, hassle-free ammo recovery, and 20% more harm per precision hit. It is a must-have in all its glory.

Best PvP Sniper Rifle

What if you want to one-shot Guardians? Then these top 5 Sniper Rifles in Destiny 2 Lightfall will do the job without any troubles.


How to Get It: Сomplete both the Europa Explorer I and II missions from Variks and after farm Empire Hunts on Europa

Cloudstrike Guide

Surprisingly, that’s true: Cloudstrike is just as good in PvP and is much more fun to cause mayhem with than other Exotics. Its Catalyst is the main advantage of the weapon. And it’s not even the Triple Tap perk, but the weapon’s trait that improves handling, which means quicker aiming time and gun switching. Thus, this weapon is incredibly enjoyable to use, even though its archetype is considered the worst in PvP due to its low damage. And it manages to be in the Destiny 2 Lightfall Sniper Rifle meta.  And to add, its usual perk will bring you absolute bliss because of the power to destroy Guardians in packs.

Silicon Neuroma 

Best Perks: Fluted Barrel, Ricochet Rounds, Snapshot, Opening shot

How to Get It: Vanguard Legacy Focusing

Slicon Neuroma Guide

If you are looking for the best SR for PvP, then Silicon Neuroma will be your choice. You may have some problems getting it, but its accuracy in PvP and the ability to put in the first slot will definitely be worth all the troubles. Perks such as Snapshot Sights, which causes faster aim, and Opening Shot, which makes better accuracy and range, will make it perfect for taking down Guardians.

Defiance of Yasmin 

Best Perks: Fluted Barrel, Accurized Rounds, Snapshot, Opening Shot/Moving Target

How to Get It: King’s Fall

Defiance of Yasmin Guide

King’s Fall has brought back one of the most outstanding SRs in PvP, with the most open scope in the entire game. You’ll be able to see more targets, and it’s a lot easier to get a headshot. Defiance of Yasmin has made an appearance in many sites, “Sniper Rifle ranked in Destiny 2 Lightfall” lists for this reason. But that’s not the only benefit of Yasmin. We’ve already introduced you to Snapshot and Opening Shot in the section above. Moreover, we also have a Moving Target perk for faster strafe and better target acquisition. And yes, you can craft it right now, and that’s great.


Best Perks: Fluted Barrel, Ricochet Rounds, Snapshot, Moving Target/Quickdraw

How To Get It: Right now there is no way to receive it

Beloved returned in Season 17, becoming even craftable and once again hitting the hearts of the players. Even now, it stays as one of the best PvP Sniper Rifles in Destiny 2 Lightfall. If you have previously obtained all the red borders on it, then it’s time to assemble this beauty. Beloved has a lot of amazing perks, but in PvP, there is nothing better than the good old Snapshot Sight. At the same time, in the fourth column, you can put either a Moving Target, like on the previous gun, or Quickdraw, with which you get instant weapon switching.

Occluded Finality 

Best Perks: Fluted Barrel, Ricochet Rounds, Snapshot, Opening Shot

How To Get It: Iron Banner engrams

Occuleded Finality Guide

In every sense, that’s a pumped version of Silicon Neuroma because Occluded Finality characteristics are much better. Only this Sniper goes into the second slot, which completely changes the game’s rules. We recommend the same for perks – only the fastest player wins the battles.

Well, now you know what you need and which perks you need to deal efficiently with enemies in PvP and PvE. We hope that with our Destiny 2 Lightfall Sniper Rifle guide, you’ll achieve the desired success and help your friends by discussing our list. In addition, you can find a decent primary weapon with the help of our other guides by choosing an Auto Rifle, Sidearms, or SMGs. Need help farming these weapons? No problem! Destiny 2 Services from WowVendor will help you save time and get what you have wanted for so long in a matter of hours.

Thanks for reading! Owl is flying away.

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