The Ultimate Guide to the Best SMGs in Destiny 2 Lightfall

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In Season of Defiance, one of the best weapon types is SMGs. Incredibly fast-firing guns that deal tons of damage and are perfect for annihilating enemies in any game mode in Destiny 2. They are in the PvP meta and essential in any endgame activity. But which ones are worth farming on your account? You are in luck because you will find the answer to this question here.

Important note: THIS IS NOT SMG TIER LIST IN DESTINY 2 LIGHTFALL. That’s a basic guide, explaining to any player in an understandable language which gun is worth getting out of and why they should do this right now. We see no reason to rate them. They are all good and worth being in your collection.

Best SMG


Did you know that in Destiny 2, each gun has various Frames that significantly change the gameplay and approach to weapons? The main differences between them are the dealing damage, RPM, and Base Stats. And as you assumed, Submachine Guns are no exception.

There are four different Frames:

What are the top SMGs frames in Destiny 2 Lightfall? It’s worth noting right away that, at the moment, the worst is Adaptive Frame, which deals with the lowest DPS in PvE. However, it can still perform well in PVP. Do you want to achieve maximum efficiency in PvE? Then Aggressive and Lightweight Frames are the best options for you. In PvP, The Aggressive Frame SMG is the clear favorite, but they will be nerfed in Season 21.


The most important thing in PvE is to be ready for Strikes, Nightfalls, Raids and Dungeons. Therefore, keep the top five Submachine Guns for these activities!


Osteo Striga

You have definitely heard about one of the best Exotic SMGs in Destiny 2 Lightfall – Osteo Striga. Want to deal significant damage to one large target? Or do you want an ultimate weapon against a crowd of mobs? Osteo Striga can provide you with all of this. The Exotic Perk turns shots into toxic projectiles that track the targeted enemy. Toxic Overload lets you poison enemies by final blows or multiple precision hits. An equipped Catalyst will make you forget entirely about reloading. Why? That’s because of Poison’s final blows. They not only return ammo to the magazine but can also overflow it.


Submission Weapon Guide

Submission can safely be called the best Kinetic SMGs in Destiny 2 Lightfall. A good Frame, an excellent selection of perks, and a unique Origin Trait are why it is worth farming this gun. The classic Overflow and Subsistence will help you reload weapon less often and synergize nicely with Souldrinker, which restores Health on reload based on the number of hits before reload. Frenzy is always a nice neutral perk that will improve DPS and reloading, and Demolitionist is perfect for grenade-based builds.


The Immortal guide

Although The Immortal causes havoc in PvP, it is also one of the best SMGs in Destiny 2 Lightfall for PvE. First, this Submachine Gun works perfectly with Strand Builds because of its element and Hatchling. You will be able to debuff foes with Unraveling Rounds, thereby dealing even more damage. At the same time, Threadlings, summoned by Hatchling, will passively assist you in dealing with enemies.



After the second version of this gun, many players didn’t understand how to make it even better. But somehow, Bungie achieved the impossible. Studio was introducing the best Energy SMGs in Destiny 2 Lightfall – IKELOS_SMG_V1.0.3. Although the Demolitionist disappeared from this weapon, a perk came to replace it, which easily won the hearts of many Guardians. We are talking about Voltshot, which can overcharge the gun, causing it to jolt on its next hit. That’s an excellent perk that can annihilate crowds of enemies in a second.


Unforgiven guide

Where is Funnelweb on this list? We know you searched for it. Undoubtedly, this SMG is excellent but still inferior to Unforgiven. If you were looking for a decent weapon for your Void Build, then be sure to pay attention to it. Combining perks such as Demolitionist with Adrenaline Junkie or Golden Tricorn will let you significantly increase the damage, as well as restore Grenade Energy. On the other hand, Repulsor Brace pairs well with Volatile Rounds, making it easy to acquire Void Overshield.


It’s time to break into the Crucible and teach players a lesson in the Trials of Osiris. Guardians will fear you with the following five weapons! 


Despite its upcoming Nerf, Tarrabah is still greatly welcome for SMG PvP Builds in Destiny 2 Lightfall. Its Exotic Perk allows you to charge energy when dealing or receiving damage. You can use this energy to obtain a buff called Ravenous Beast, which increases the RPM of this gun to 900 and also increases the weapon’s DPS. Because of this, Tarrabah instantly tears apart all the Guardians that get in its way.


The Immortal turned out to be so powerful that it is currently called the best Legendary SMGs in Destiny 2 Lightfall for PvP. It’s all about incredible Stats and substantial perks. Rangefinder improves Zoom, increasing Range and Target Lock, reducing TTK to only 0.67s without any strings attached. Of course, Kill Clip could be used, especially in Control or Clash. Remember that The Immortal has an Adept Version where you can insert mods such as Adept Range or Adept Stability.


IKELOS SMG 103 overview

If you have logged into PvP at least a few times over the past months, then you have definitely seen this weapon. IKELOS has made a triumphant return with its third edition and, as described in the PvE section, has become one of the best in its type. This Submachine Gun quickly destroys enemies with DSR and Rangefinder perks that improve accuracy and bullet range. Acquiring the god roll now will be challenging, but if you still succeed, you will become unstoppable in PvP!


Out of Bounds Guide

Since Out Of Bounds has a Lightweight Frame, it won’t be nerfed in Season 21, which is why it’s worth looking into. Here you will find perks for every taste, from the famous Killing Wind and Kill Clip combo to the combination of DSR and Rangefinder for neutral play. The icing on the cake is how you get it: Crucible Engrams. Who knows, maybe Out Of Bounds will lead the Destiny 2 Lightfall SMG Meta.


Shayuras Wrath guide

Although the second weapon from Trials of Osiris is not stronger than The Immortal, it goes into the second slot, which opens up access to other weapon combinations. This weapon has wonderful PvP perks, and there are a lot of them, but we have already described most of them. The main advantage of Shayura’s Wrath is its high range and stability. However, Handling and Reload Speed are inferior to most of the SMGs on the list.

So, here you go! This Destiny 2 Lightfall SMG Guide is done, and you can use it until Season 21. Every Season we will update our article to help you find the best new guns to pick in the game. Did you like this list? If you do, share it with your friends and tell them how good those guns are! Can’t get them, and your fireteam makes fun of you? Well, WowVendor’s pros can help you by grinding those SMGs with Destiny 2 Services. They are the best in the game, and 20,000 reviews from buyers aren’t lying!

Thank you for reading! Owl is flying away!

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